3 Crucial Things to Remember When Renting an Apartment

Author: Apartment Finder  


If you are venturing out on your own and apartment hunting for the very first time, you will soon be privy to the chaos that comes along with this newly acquired freedom. There should be a class requirement before we become adults so you know how to deal with the apartment hunting process, because many people learn the hard way what to look out for.

Here are three things you don’t want to forget when renting an apartment:

Read the Lease

It may seem obvious, but many prospective renters sign a lease without actually reading it. It is easy to understand why, since most leases are written in hard-to-understand legal language to the everyday person. Even if you have a great talk with the landlord or property manager, you need to see what you have committed yourself to for the duration of a lease in writing.

Talk to the Neighbors

If you are apartment hunting among various communities, talking to potential neighbors is extremely helpful. They are the best source of honest and direct reviews, because they can tell you exactly what you will be getting into if you sign a lease. The feedback could be positive or negative, but either way, the information you collect will be beneficial when it is time to weigh your options.

Investigate the Cabinets and Under the Sinks

This is the simplest way to discover whether the prospective apartment is infested with insects or rodents or if there are issues with the plumbing. Before you determine whether or not there’s space for your dishes and glassware, keep your eyes peeled for bug or mice droppings in cabinets and drawers. Cabinet corners are a favorable environment for insects, and don’t forget to check under both the bathroom and kitchen sinks for water damage due to plumbing problems.

Where you decide to live for the next year or two is a big deal, especially if this is your first place as an adult. Apartment hunting can be a complicated process, and you will inevitably forget some things along the way, and that is okay. If you follow these three tips before you sign on the dotted line, your new apartment will certainly come with less complications than if you don’t!