4 of the Friendliest Neighborhoods in Dallas

Author: Justin Fishaw  

Renting an apartment in Dallas, Texas is the right idea; after all, it IS one of the greatest cities in the Lone Star State. Having good neighbors allows you to live comfortably and securely, and most Dallas residents take pride in carrying out the Texas friendly attitude. For your convenience, here are a few of the friendliest neighborhoods in Dallas, so making new friends and acquaintances will be the least of your worries:


The Town of Addison is north of Downtown Dallas and embraces the essence of diversity. If you love posh restaurants, upscale shopping, live music or exploring nature, ask a neighbor where you are renting an apartment for recommendations in the area. The friendly residents in this popular suburb will gladly guide you in the right direction.

Uptown Dallas

Uptown Dallas is one of the most appealing neighborhoods in the city. Not only is it pedestrian friendly, it is people friendly, too. There’s an assortment of high rise rentals, apartments and lofts surrounded by countless retail and dining options, and there’s always something to do in Uptown Dallas, leaving you with many opportunities to develop new friendships.

Deep Ellum

Comparable to the free spirit vibe of Austin and Houston’s Montrose area, Deep Ellum is a popular neighborhood for friendly artists and creative types. Renting an apartment in this area brings you the chance to experience an active nightlife, and you can meet many different and interesting people. Check out the unique apartments, urban lofts or townhomes in this neighborhood, where you can find some of the best views of the Dallas skyline.

Lower Greenville

Located northeast of Deep Ellum, Lower Greenville is home to many SMU students, the liveliest music venues and some of the hottest bars and restaurants in Dallas. If easy transportation is a priority, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) bus and rail system makes it convenient for you to meet friendly people as you travel to other parts of Dallas. Whether your budget is $500 or $5000, there’s an apartment waiting for you in this neighborhood!

Renting an apartment in Dallas leaves you with a myriad of options, and this list only named four neighborhoods in this large city that embraces a warm, small town feel. Once you’ve found the area you can call home, sooner than later you will be socializing and inviting your friendly new neighbors to your apartment for dinner!