5 Amenities to Look for in Your Next Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Man Working In Coffee Shop

Finding the right fit for your first apartment can be a challenge with all the options that are in the market now.

According to the New York Times, the home ownership rate has dropped over five percent in the past 10 years. That means more people are looking to rent an apartment or condo, rather than buy a house.

Renting an apartment means that you are paying for community amenities that you get to enjoy. When you look for your next apartment, keep an eye out for high-quality amenities that will get you the most value for your rent.

From the classic swimming pool to free Wi-Fi, look for these top-notch amenities to help you decide where to rent next.

1. Swimming Pool

During the hot seasons, there’s nothing better than taking a dip in an outdoor pool with friends and family. You can go for mini-laps, or just lay out by the pool and work on your tan.

Many apartment communities offer great activities at the pool, which gives you great opportunities to meet and mingle with your new neighbors.

You can also invite your friends to check out your new apartment and relax at the pool for the afternoon. You will love having access to your own resort-style pool and meeting new people in a relaxed environment.

2. Movie Theater

Save the money and the hassle of going out to a crowded theater and relax in your own private movie theater. Many apartment complexes now have a private screening room for you and your guests to enjoy the movie-going experience without leaving the property.

Don’t worry about the expensive food and tickets; you can bring your choice of snacks and drinks to the show.

3. Fitness Center

Living on your own is a great time to start working on your health. Many complexes have fitness centers in the community building with 24/7 access for residents.

This is another great way to save money. Instead of paying for a gym membership and being tied up with initiation fees and contracts, you can enjoy all your fitness necessities right at home.

Not only will it be good on your funds, but your overall health will benefit too.

4.  Parks and Paths

Even when you live in an apartment community, you can still get plenty of fresh air and nature. A great way to clear your mind and relax is to go on a walk around walking trails and parks.

You can take a stroll around the pond or go on your daily run through the grounds.  Many complexes are dog friendly, and with man’s best friend in mind, your canine companion can get out and play too.

5. Free Wi-Fi

Just because you have your own workspace in your apartment doesn’t mean you are stuck there. Most community buildings have work areas with free Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy all the amenities and work at the same time.

Schottenstein Real Estate Group contributed content to this article. SRE Group has apartment communities across Ohio and Northern Kentucky, including Grand at Polaris, Grove City Summit, Parkway Village, Mason Grand and Grand at Florence.