5 Moving Tips To Simplify Your Life

Author: Alecia Pirulis


It’s almost a given that during any move, there’s bound to be certain unaccounted-for details that are lingering on the sidelines, waiting patiently to devour your emotions and well-planned budget. Sure, accounting for everything can be difficult, but to help you avoid going at this process blindly, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of a few tips to consider when steering clear of additional costly hiccups. Just as we mentioned when we put together these tips on how to consolidate your time , we understand the pains and challenges moving can create. Check out a few of our latest tips for how to simplify life when dealing with this not-so-avoidable process.

1. Always go for certified movers.

You may not be aware of this, but there are plenty of movers out there that aren’t authorized to conduct business. Most of these unscrupulous entities have websites setup to entice unsuspecting individuals, but in reality, are grossly unqualified and often times don’t even have the necessary equipment needed to get the job done. These unlicensed movers typically quote cheap rates online, and once the move has been conducted, they will hostage the client’s belongings and demand that more money be paid than what was agreed upon. Avoid becoming a victim by going only for certified movers. Opt to go through the database provided by the Better Business Bureau, American Moving and Storage Association, or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to verify the credentials and reputation of your shortlisted mover.

2. Choose a suitable insurance coverage.

Obtaining adequate insurance coverage is particularly crucial if you have a manifold of expensive belongings. Bear in mind that though certified movers do indeed extend insurance, most of them will only pay a few cents per pound per lost or damaged item via the Released Value Protection insurance. If you have pricey stuff like china, antique furniture, or art pieces like sculptures or paintings, consider obtaining Full Value Protection. With such insurance in place, the mover will be held liable to repair or replace in kind or in cash should anything get damaged or lost during the move.

3. Avoid moving during rush hour.

Traveling during rush hour is stressful enough as it is but it’ll even be more so if you’re moving. So save yourself and your family from the hassle of sitting through traffic by avoiding the worst times to drive. Not only will this be less stressful, but it will also save you tons as you won’t have to pay your movers additional hourly rates.

4. Disclose everything you can about the move to your mover.

Oftentimes, the additional charges you end up paying crop up because of details you missed to tell your mover. For instance, a move from a one-story house to a multi-family apartment complex requires lugging furniture to several flights of stairs. Not informing your mover of this detail may result in added costs to you as such is considered by some movers as additional or special services. To prevent this from happening, always be thorough in disclosing such information so that you know in advance how much you need to prepare.

5. Don’t hesitate to inquire about extra costs.

It’s not uncommon for moving companies to add extra costs for the move. For instance, if you’ve not utilized enough packing materials, all those that have not been used up, like boxes, packaging tapes, and bubble wraps, will be charged to you. Or if your things have to be picked up from a crowded neighborhood but the truck can’t park near where you’ll be moving from, there might be the need to hire a smaller shuttle van to deliver your belongings to the location of the parked moving truck. Again, carrying belongings through flights of stairs — like if you need to have that sofa put in the basement — might result in added costs. Ask about these details prior to the move so that you can prepare the funds ahead of time.