Best 3 Cities in Texas for Twenty Somethings

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Houston Texas Skyline

Everything’s bigger in Texas, but the Lone Star State has plenty of offerings that make it better, too. If you’re still early in life and in your career, you’re probably in your 20s -which is often a transformative decade as an adult. If you’re considering moving and aren’t familiar with the lay of the land, here are three of the best cities to rent an apartment in Texas when you’re in that awesome “twenty somethings” range:



Austin is not only one of the best cities to rent an apartment in your 20s in Texas, it’s one of the best in overall in the country. If you’ve heard of South by Southwest, then you already know this Texas city is known as the live music capital of the world, and there’s always something fun and exciting to keep you entertained. Austin apartment communities are occupied by young, vibrant and intelligent people, because it’s a college town and a number of corporations, such as Dell, Whole Foods Market and IBM, contribute to the city’s strong job market, too.



Houston is the 4th most populated cities in America and for good reason. The city’s offerings complement every lifestyle you can imagine, because it is so large and diverse. Two reasons why it’s one of the best cities to rent an apartment in Texas are because many apartment rentals feature “all bills paid” incentives, and there’s plenty of apartments that offer covered or garage parking. Both of these reasons come in extremely handy in the summer, when the Texas sun is at its hottest.

San Antonio


San Antonio is the perfect balance of Austin and Houston. It’s an underdog city with a laid-back vibe, and while its job market is not as fierce like Houston nor is its music scene as exciting as Austin’s, the affordability, pressure-free lifestyle and friendly community makes the Alamo City worthwhile. At times it has a small town vibe, but San Antonio also features amenities synonymous with big cities in Texas, such as trendy lofts located in downtown warehouses.

If you’re looking for the charm of the south and the character from the city, these are your best cities to rent an an apartment in Texas. If you’re just starting to experience life, where you choose to live is a big decision. Living in Austin, Houston or San Antonio will put you on a successful path right into your 30s!

(image via Flickr)