Best Areas in Los Angeles (L.A.) for Renting and Living Car-Free

Author: Alecia Pirulis


If you are planning on renting an apartment in Los Angeles, get ready for a serious adventure, especially if you don’t own a car. The neighborhoods in the city offer a diverse range of housing options, but only a few are ideal for commuting on foot or by public transportation. Not owning a car can be beneficial, since traffic is notorious, and parking in Los Angeles is limited and can get expensive. For your convenience, we have composed a short list of the best Los Angeles neighborhoods where living car-free is actually feasible.

Downtown LA

For quite a few car-owning downtown residents renting an apartment in Los Angeles, they rarely have the need to drive. If your budget is on the higher end, there are plenty of luxury apartments within your price range. Downtown LA is a daily commute people dread, so if you can land a job in the area, it is a perfect section of the city for you to live without a car. Most apartments are close to bus stops, the train and the subway. The neighborhood is steadily growing, and there are new clubs and restaurants opening all the time.


Hollywood residents have all the necessities needed within walking distance, like restaurants, shopping, groceries and financial institutions. There is always something to do, especially in the Hollywood Flats. The Flats is a great place for renting an apartment in Los Angeles for the younger at heart, while the Hollywood Hills is for the upper-middle class and wealthy.


People flock to Koreatown for its affordable rent, nightlife and older apartments with attractive interior details. K-town is a fun neighborhood with a big city feel, the streets are always busy, and it is definitely pedestrian friendly, since it is close in proximity to the subway. There is a rich history with a diverse resident and vendor population, so there is also a myriad of affordable dining and shopping options as well.

Most people in Los Angeles are adamant that you need a car to live here, but it all depends on your lifestyle. The most essential key to successfully renting an apartment in Los Angeles without a car is finding a job close to your apartment or within walking distance of public transportation. You may have to put aside some hours in your schedule for a longer commute, but it is an easy adjustment once you get acclimated.

(image via David Guo’s Master)