Best Locations for Women

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Today is International Women’s Day! In honor of this day, here are some of the best cities for women. If you are planning a move, these cities should top your list.

If finding a healthy city is your priority, then consider Raleigh, North Carolina. Women’s Health Magazine recently named this dynamic city the healthiest place for women, based on the number of women who are proactive about their health.

Raleigh features cobblestone streets, historical architecture and features, and plenty of art galleries, shops, and great neighborhoods. From the outdoor cafes, public art, restaurants, shops and buzzing businesses of Fayetteville Street District to the quiet hum of the Warehouse District and its collection of hip lofts, restaurants, antique stores, and the Contemporary Art Museum, you’re sure to find a neighborhood to fit your lifestyle.

Second on the list of healthiest cities for women was San Jose, California. The reason this sunny city made the list? Exercise. Women here are jogging, swimming, and working out. The city is pedestrian-friendly and has a wide variety of parks – not to mention the nearby amazing beaches. Because they take advantage of readily-available outdoor activities, women in San Jose have a much lower risk of suffering from lung issues, a major threat to women’s health.

Women in San Jose aren’t just healthier, they’re paid better. San Jose tops Forbes Magazine’s list of the Best-Paying Cities for Women. San Jose has the largest concentration of technology-based companies in the US. Other fields include science, manufacturing, healthcare, and education – San Jose is home to San Jose State University, the oldest university on the West Coast.

Washington, D.C. ranked as the third best-paying city for women, and according to census data, the District of Columbia has the smallest wage gap, with women earning 91.4 cents for every dollar men earned, well ahead of the second-ranking state of Vermont.

DC has great historic landmarks, museums, theaters, restaurants, and boutiques, giving women plenty of options for afternoon and weekend fun. If sports are your thing, Washington has all four major pro sports teams covered, with the Washington Redskins, the Washington Wizards, the Washington Capitals, and the Washington Nationals.

If you’d like a generous dating pool, then move to the heart of the South. Atlanta, Georgia ranks as the best place for single women, according to the Daily Beast. And with businesses such as Coca-Cola, CNN, Delta Airlines, Turner Broadcasting, Home Depot, and Newell Rubbermaid calling Atlanta home, there are some great economic opportunities in this southern capital, as well.

And finally, while New York and San Francisco remain steady at the top of the list for women entrepreneurs, another great (and surprising) location to start your own business is Tampa, Florida, according to Forbes Magazine. Another interesting and surprising city you may not have considered is Columbus, Ohio. This great Midwestern location is an up-and-coming high-tech mecca – it is also home to Ohio State University and has been awarded such auspicious titles as a great place to live and one of the best locations for singles.