Virginia is for Renters: Best Neighborhoods in Hampton Roads VA

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Hampton Roads VA

Renting in Hampton Roads is a challenge for apartment seekers, because it’s such a large area of Southeastern Virginia. The region consists of one town and 16 cities and counties, so clearly, not all neighborhoods are created equal. To help you find the best neighborhoods for renting in Hampton Roads, we’ve assembled a list of five neighborhoods that’s suitable for a various lifestyles and budgets:

North Virginia Beach, VA

Northern Virginia Beach is a location that’s desired by young professionals, families and out-of-towners for its wonderful attractions and activities. This is where you want to be if living close to the beach, the Boardwalk and the lively nightlife scene are priority. It’s a taste of the good life that could be yours if you choose this neighborhood for renting in Hampton Roads.

Port Warwick, Newport News, VA

Renting in Hampton Roads doesn’t always bring you that neighborly lifestyle frequently associated with living in the South, but Port Warwick definitely does. The location is convenient to City Center and Oyster Point, but it’s definitely more affordable than those hip downtown areas. The sense of community you gain in Port Warwick in incomparable.

The Ghent District, Norfolk, VA

Norfolk is the trendy spot of Hampton Roads due to its abundance of waterfront property. The apartments in the Ghent District are newer, but prepare to pay higher rent because of this. Other than price, the neighborhood is pedestrian-friendly, the views are amazing and the dining options are some of the best in the region. It’s not surprising this neighborhood is a favorite for many residents, including men and women in uniform.

South Norfolk, Chesapeake, VA

SoNo, properly known as South Norfolk, was once independent from Chesapeake and had its share of past troubles. Due to recent efforts for gentrification, it’s drawn a crowd of singles and younger couples. There are still many families in the neighborhood, because rent is marginally lower than other parts of the city.

Fox Hill, Hampton, VA

In this neighborhood surrounded by water, Fox Hill is a town that began around 1625. It’s a beach town near Langley Air Force Base that’s budget-friendly, diverse and where people are hospitable. If you live a relaxed lifestyle and the idea of foxes and wild turkeys randomly roaming the area doesn’t scare you away, this might be your ideal option for renting in Hampton Roads.

Image via Flickr