Chicago Pizza Tours – For the Foodie in You

Author: Lauren Ross

Slices Of Sausage Pizza

Pizza is a very popular meal here in the United States. We go out to restaurants that serve a specific style pie, we have it delivered to our home, we buy pizza frozen or premade from the supermarket, and – if we’re feeling adventurous – we make it at home from scratch. Having pizza for dinner is a once a week occurrence at my home; you can definitely call me a pizza fan. Pizza is so loved by Americans, that ⅓ of consumers eat pizza at least once a week, according to a poll by CiCi’s Pizza and reported by New York Daily News. In that same survey, it’s estimated that the average American will consume at least 6,000 slices of pizza in the course of a lifetime.

And because of its popularity, Chicago is home to many unique pizza establishments serving all types of pies. So how does one find these unique pizzerias in a huge city like Chicago? It’s no secret. The best way to discover delicious pizza joints in the city is through Chicago Pizza Tours!

Chicago Pizza Tours is the first company to offer locals and tourists a taste of the best pizzerias in Chicago. Guests will begin by hopping onto Dough Force One and then ride around the city sampling pizza from culturally significant and neighborhood pizzerias. Once inside the restaurants, guests will get to indulge in a house-made pie slice and tour the kitchens. During the “backstage pass” tour, you’ll be taught about the ingredients, oven types, and the physics behind the perfect pizza pie from the master chefs that make them. Each pizzeria is unique to its neighborhood, and that’s why it makes the tour. Guests of Chicago Pizza Tours will sample a variety of pizzas including tavern-style, Chicago-style, artisanal, Neapolitan, plus many more! The tour is about 3-3.5 hours in length, and aside from sampling slices, you will also get to see some of Chicago’s famous landmarks and historical sights!

Chicago Pizza Tours pizza crawl options:

  •  The Original Chicago Pizza Tour: Experience Chicago “one slice at a time” by touring on Dough Force One and sampling slices at 4 unique pizzerias.
  • The Pizza & Cocktails Tour: Everything you love about The Original Chicago Pizza Tour but with an adult beverage! Enjoy a slice and drink at every stop. The only decision you’ll have to make is white, red, or a microbrew.
  • Deep Dish Walk: Guests will stroll through the Gold Coast and River North district sampling deep dish pizza while learning about its history.
  • Walking in a Deep Dish Wonderland Holiday Tour: Guests will be guided on a walking tour through the Loop, view the city’s holiday lights, and dine on deep dish pizza! After the tour, guests will sip hot cocoa while listening to the story of Christmas in Chicago.

Chicago Pizza Tours can also schedule private tours. If you’d like to purchase tickets or schedule a private event, check out Chicago Pizza Tours’ webpage for more information and to learn about the pizzerias.