Creating Your Apartment Must-Haves Checklist

Author: Lauren Ross


It’s easy to conjure up a dream apartment that has all the bells and whistles. Heck, my fantasy apartment has 3,000 square-feet of living space and soundproof walls; a private in- and out- elevator and garage parking; top-level interior finishes and unobstructed city views from every corner. As you can probably tell, I’ve given this a lot of thought for quite some time.

Dreaming about and building your apartment from floor to ceiling is pretty fun. Envisioning your dream home in your mind feels like such an accomplishment – but unfortunately, it probably doesn’t exist and will take an exuberant amount of money to recreate.  When you do begin searching for an ideal apartment for yourself or family, remember to include a list of realistic must-haves. That way, you can feel comfortable and secure in your rental decision.

Five is a good number for your apartment must-have list; it’s not far-reaching and can help you sift through apartments you want to see and the ones you don’t.

If I was looking for a new apartment, these would be my must-haves:

1.At least two full bathrooms

2. Ample parking/parking garage

3. Luxury interior finishes

4. Washer/dryer hookups

5. Pet-friendly community

To create your own must-have list, decide what it is that’s most important to your household. Think about the family dynamic, what you enjoy most about apartment living and the lifestyle you prefer. An apartment with at least two full bathrooms is an absolute must for me. I need a bathroom that’s completely my own, and one for guests when I have company over. I don’t necessarily need a two-bedroom rental since I have a pull-out couch – but two full bathrooms is definitely a requirement.

Parking is a close second. There’s nothing I despise more than circling the block to find parking that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. What I need most is to know that no matter the time of day, I will always find parking and know that my car is safe. A community with ample parking or a residents-only garage will surely grab my attention.

Maybe you noticed, but a swimming pool didn’t make the cut on my list. To be honest, I rarely make it out to the pool at my current place – so it’s not a necessity for me in the future. Since I come home late and enjoy spending a majority of my free time at home, I appreciate having modern luxury finishes in my apartment. A washer/dryer hookup is a must, because I have my own appliances and would rather not walk down to the laundry mat and wait for my clothes to finish their cycles.  And last but not least, my apartment community has to be accepting of my dog, Summer.

Creating a must-have list is essential for finding the most ideal apartment home for your lifestyle. Whether you need a pool, be inside the city limits, find an apartment with high-ranking schools, or live in a community with no less than 4 stars, Apartment Finder can help you find that ideal space for you and your family.

You can also filter the listings by price, number of bedrooms, star-ratings, amenities, pet-friendly and so much more! You can easily check the community’s walkability score and school rankings.