Four Fun Austin Neighborhoods

Author: Alecia Pirulis

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The one city on my must-visit list in Texas is Austin. A beautiful, quirky city wrapped around the gorgeous 416-acre Lady Bird Lake, this capitol city is known for live music, fine arts, creativity, skyscrapers, great food, and for being slightly weird. The University of Texas at Austin adds a young vibe, and a strong economy with several Fortune 500 headquarters makes Austin a lively city with endless opportunity. Add to that diversity, great neighborhoods, hiking and biking trails, vineyards, and several golf courses and resorts and this is a great destination for visitors and new residents.

Here are four Austin neighborhoods to consider:

Franklin Park: Take advantage of the great Austin weather by living in a neighborhood based around a lush, green park.

Heritage Hills: If you prefer to be near the city but not in it, Heritage Hills is an easy 20 minutes northeast of downtown Austin.

Old West Austin: Surround yourself with history in this charming neighborhood. Don’t miss the Treaty Oak, a 600-year-old tree that once belonged to a grove of about 14 trees called the Council Oaks. It is located in Treaty Oak Park.

North Loop: This funky neighborhood offers great cafes and fun stores to explore. It’s a fun mix of upscale, upwardly-mobile young professionals, middle-income families, and bohemian artists.