Getting Big-Town Living from a Small-Town Life

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Newnan GA

Life in the Not-So-Big City

There’s a lot to be said about life in a small city – it’s cheaper, less crowded, and you often get a lot more apartment for your money.

Take Newnan, Georgia for example. It is about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta and is home to a handful of residents and several historic districts. In fact, I once found a 100-year-old mill that had been converted into rustic, homey lofts – and for a great price.

You may be thinking, “But small towns are boring!” Not so fast – give a small town a chance. Flash back to Newnan, which is only about 19 square miles but has an amazing Main Street filled with historic buildings and great little shops. It has theaters – such as the Alamo, which will soon host the likes of Chubby Checker, and a great community theater. And don’t discount the restaurants in a small town. I recently discovered a great little dive in the tiny town of Fairburn with the best country-style biscuits and gravy this side of the Mason-Dixon. Think you can’t get something sophisticated (like an espresso) in a small town? Think again! Newnan has several coffee shops.

Small towns have great hidden gems, from amazing antique stores to gorgeous parks. Newnan is home to the Stairway to Heaven antique mall. Once you pass through those purple doors and into an amazing, 100-year-old building … you’ll never want to leave.

A little city can be quirky and full of personality. For example, did you know that high school students in the golfing mecca Peachtree City are encouraged to drive golf carts to school because of limited parking? You can get anywhere in the city riding a golf cart – golf paths cover the city like a loosely-woven spider web.

The city of Palmetto only has about 3,500 residents but they have one thing that most big cities don’t — a community garden! What’s more fun than getting to know your neighbors while you pick squash?

Another reason to consider a small city? Festivals! Georgia’s rural cities are filled with them, from apple festivals in the fall to summer art shows. Newnan is home to five different annual festivals. My favorite is Market Day on the Square – arty items, handmade quilts, and local produce make this a great event.

And where else can you attend a festival with the mayor? In Union City, you can attend the Mayor’s Bike Race and Twilight Music Festival. Listen to live music and enjoy home-cooked food while you chat with your mayor and city council members.

Don’t discount the small city! It’s safer, you’ll get more apartment for your money, and you can’t beat that down-home hospitality.