If You Want to Party All the Time

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Mardi Gras Beads

In honor of our very own University of Georgia being ranked the number one party school in the country for 2011 by the Princeton Review, I thought I’d put together a list of the best cities for those trying to decide where to hang their party hat.

Starting with the obvious choice, Atlanta has long had a reputation for great nightlife: Piedmont Park’s concert series, great nightclubs and bars, hot new bands at the Dark Horse Tavern. Buckhead is the go-to hotspot on a Saturday night, but great entertainment can be found throughout the metro area. Want to dance the night away? The lights won’t go out in this part of Georgia.

Of course, keeping with the obvious – Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the essence of gambling, entertainment, and – well, all things Vegas that are supposed to “stay there.” Party at Coyote Ugly and Studio 54; see live shows ranging from the Blue Man Group to the Lion King. Find your shaker and salt at Margaritaville. Get married by Elvis. What’s not to love? If you choose to rent an apartment in Vegas, you’ll have endless entertainment to choose from.

Same holds for another obvious choice, New York. Yes, there’s Broadway shows and some of the world’s best restaurants, but there’s also Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, Jazz Standard, and the famous 21 Club. Trendy hotspots, fashion (and fashion models), and celebrities all mingle together in this top city. And good news, girls – New York was listed as the number one place for a bachelorette party by the Travel Channel. Even if you aren’t planning on getting married just yet, you might someday … so why not start the party now?

For bachelors, Miami’s South Beach is a great bachelor party location. South Beach has it all – sun, fun, surf. South Beach’s Latin influence is evident in many of the nightclubs and bars, and the party doesn’t end when the sun comes up. And the best part – year-round amazing weather means this beach party is endless, so find your flip-flops and surfboard and head for Florida.

You may not think “party” when you hear “Austin,” but this lively Texas city was named one of America’s Best Music Cities (number three, in fact) by Travel & Leisure magazine. And it’s not just country – hear everything from rock to jazz – and of course, country. Speaking of country music, coming in at number two was Nashville, Tennessee — and number one? New Orleans! Can you hear the cool jazz floating on the warm, humid Louisiana air? No? Read on …

It’s where the blues began, where jazz was born … it’s walkable streets and wrought-iron balconies, hazy clubs and amazing restaurants. New Orleans has regained its top-party-city crown. It is, after all, the Big Easy … Bourbon Street, the French Quarter … and let’s not forget the biggest party of the year, Mardi Gras. There’s no such thing as “last call” in New Orleans, so enjoy your long nights … and wear your beads with pride.