Job Hunting? 6 Metro Cities Worth The Hunt

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Undoubtedly, job hunting is one of the most painstaking processes. Sending resumes, making phones calls, sniffing through the mixed bag of Indeed and LinkedIn hire postings…not to mention the actual interview ( phone call / Skpye call / in person !? Eesh.). All in all, the collective process can make your daily to-do list feel 20 times longer.

Now, the question must be asked, are you looking in the right market? Yep, that’s right, back track for just a second. Have you taken the time to consider the market you are hunting in? Let me say this first, by all means, if you’re through round one of the interviewing process with Cloudability in Portland, Oregon or Pintrest in San Francisco, then I say – GO FOR IT and don’t think twice! However, these markets are highly competitive with a booming startup culture and a well-oiled tech scene. My advice, if you’re currently positioned somewhere between a possible call back and well, no call backs or even an inkling of an e-mail response – consider this: your location. And, in the mean time, check out these 5 cities that might be worth looking into.

6. Memphis, Tennessee.

According to this Buisnessweek article, Memphis is one of America’s strongest growing markets for jobs. Though many positions were lost during the Great Recession, specifically – those in the construction industry, Memphis’s job market has come back in a major way. With nearly 17,300 hire ads placed in the area around June, it is estimated that nearly 18% of all companies in the area will plan to hire.

5. Houston, Texas.

Thought to be dust in the wind, Houston is building traction for itself with an anticipated 3.5% job growth. Forbes ranked Houston, Texas this year in their latest “Best Cities For Job Growth,” attributing part Houston’s job growth to Waste Connection’s recent hedquarter relocation from sunny Sacramento.


4. Nashville, Tennessee

According to Nashville Business Journal, Nashville’s total job numbers increased 3.9 % in 2012 from 2011. Nashville’s Mayor, Karl Dean is quoted saying “This achievment is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the private sector, the public sector and the Chamber over many years to create the conditions that help produce a strong economy and job growth in Nashville.”

3. Denver, Colorado

Located within miles of the Rocky Mountains, it’s no wonder Denver’s employment is on the rise. Tech companies and startups alike have flocked to the area. Both the Denver and Boulder areas are feeling the influx, and we can’t help but wonder if the scenery has anything to do with it?

2. San Diego, California

Though payroll has slowed in the last 12 months, San Diego’s economy isn’t doing too bad. Over the last year, sunny San Diego has added upwards of 30,000 new positions, which is considered to be very healthy.

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

According to this 1. Pittsburgh Business Times article, Pittsburgh’s job market is heating up. With one of the fastest growing economies this year, and has nearly doubled the growth of Austin Texas’s 6.8% growth. Woooooo. As noted, Pittsburgh transportation jobs have increased, along with health care, legal, and human resource.