Knoxville, the City of Romance

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee (Photo credit: davidwilson1949)

Some locations just ooze romance: Paris … Venice …. St. Lucia … Maui … Miami … Knoxville. Wait … did someone say “Knoxville?”

Well, yes. According to, Knoxville is the most romantic city in the US. If you just paused with a quizzical, “really …?” then read on – there’s more to Knoxville than you might think.

Knoxville is located on the Tennessee River in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains – a beautiful location that will inspire your inner poet. Stay at a luxurious and historic bed and breakfast, such as the Maple Grove Inn, built in 1799, or find a cozy mountain cabin tucked under a star-filled sky.

Take a carriage ride tour or walking tour of Knoxville’s 100-plus historic sites, such as Blount Mansion, James White Fort, and the Knox County Courthouse. You’ll enjoy the stories of the city’s legendary past – including its many ghost stories.

Downtown Knoxville is gorgeous – a terrific mix of soaring, sleek modern architecture and charming historical buildings framed with old-fashioned period lighting. Musicians play in Market Square while quaint little shops beckon visitors to find special treasures and gifts. Paddleboats cruise slowly along the river as jazz drifts from nearby clubs.

With over 600 restaurants, dining in Knoxville includes romantic bistros, cafes, pubs, and elegant five-star restaurants. Choose a cozy riverfront restaurant or a trendy location in Old City.

Your valentine will appreciate any date that ends at the Bijou Theatre. This cozy, intimate theatre can trace its history back to 1801. A concert in this elegant location is topped only by the rumor that it is haunted – the perfect reason to stay close to your sweetheart.

Knoxville knocked Alexandria, Virginia out of the top spot, ending its two-year reign as America’s most romantic city. Florida was the state with the most cities on the list, including Miami and Orlando. Cincinnati, Ohio rounded out the top five.