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"Perfectly Small Cities: Eden Prairie

Perfectly Small Cities: Eden Prairie

What do you get when you combine miles of sun-dappled bike paths with a pastoral landscape, a thriving economy, gorgeous lakes with beaches, and a low cost of living? That would be Money Magazine‘s multi-time winner as one of America’s … Read More
"California’s Golden City: Sacramento

California’s Golden City: Sacramento

Two wide rivers reflect the dazzling blue sky overhead. A bridge – closely resembling one a child might create with a terrific imagination and an erector set – leads to the historic, riverside city. While it may not be as … Read More
"4 of the Friendliest Neighborhoods in Dallas

4 of the Friendliest Neighborhoods in Dallas

Renting an apartment in Dallas, Texas is the right idea. After all, it’s one of the greatest cities in the Lone Star State. Living in a fun, energetic neighborhood is a great way to meet fellow neighbors, and most Dallas … Read More
"4 Essentials for Finding an Apartment in a New City

4 Essentials for Finding an Apartment in a New City

Moving to an unfamiliar city is certainly a bold move, since you’re faced with far more challenges than if you were moving down the street. The most distinct challenge is finding a new place to live. You probably don’t know … Read More
"5 Tips for First Time Apartment Renters

5 Tips for First Time Apartment Renters

Renting an apartment is often one of the primary real-life decisions you will make, so searching for your first apartment home should not be taken lightly. Before you can enjoy your first taste of freedom, you will have to make … Read More
"Perfectly Small Cities: Mankato, Minnesota

Perfectly Small Cities: Mankato, Minnesota

From waterfalls to a winter wonderland and from lush green hills to stunning architecture, Mankato is a Minnesota treasure. Considered one of the most livable cities in the country, Mankato is the county seat of the aptly named Blue Earth … Read More
"Most Affordable Neighborhoods in New York City

Most Affordable Neighborhoods in New York City

New York City is notorious for its high cost of living, but what if we told you affordable apartments that don’t cost an arm and a leg actually exist? The Big Apple is home to millions of people from different … Read More
"America’s Great Neighborhoods: Los Angeles

America’s Great Neighborhoods: Los Angeles

Jagged mountain peaks, palm trees, soaring skyscrapers, glitz, glamour, and neon lights – Los Angeles has all of that and more. It is dynamic, diverse, and crowded. It has both great beauty and true grit. And it is one of … Read More
"5 Reasons to Call Columbus Ohio Home

5 Reasons to Call Columbus Ohio Home

With roughly 50% of America’s population living within a 500 mile radius, Columbus, Ohio can literally be named the heart of this nation. The city is steadily growing, and it is apparent why people love to live here. If you’re … Read More
"Discover the Best Neighborhoods to Rent an Apartment in Houston

Discover the Best Neighborhoods to Rent an Apartment in Houston

Houston is a diverse city with an abundance of living options. No matter your price range, aesthetic or desired location, there is an apartment community and neighborhood perfect for your lifestyle. If you are new to the Space City and … Read More
"Tips for Finding the Best Senior Living Apartments

Tips for Finding the Best Senior Living Apartments

The selection of senior living apartments available is intended to be varied to accommodate the needs of you or your senior loved ones and your family. While some seniors have specific medical care needs or just need assistance with routine … Read More
"Perfectly Small Cities: Watertown, New York

Perfectly Small Cities: Watertown, New York

You may have never heard of Watertown, New York, but this small city has everything going for it: location, atmosphere, history, architecture – and did I mention location? Watertown is situated about 70 miles north of Syracuse, 30 miles south … Read More
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"Discovering Denver

Discovering Denver

Colorado’s most populated city offers its residents an abundance of beer, natural beauty, and job opportunities.  Denver is America’s number one beer city, with more hand-crafted brews made in Denver than any other city in the country. Colorado sees no … Read More
"How to Find the Perfect Apartment in Chicago

How to Find the Perfect Apartment in Chicago

People normally fall into two categories when hunting for a Windy City apartment–they’re either in a position to move, while others are on the constant prowl for a bigger and better place. Whether you fall in one category or the … Read More
"Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio Texas

Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio Texas

San Antonio has a small town feel and reputation, but most people outside of Texas may not know it is actually a fairly large, bustling city. Even local residents may not be familiar with every part of San Antonio, because … Read More
"America’s Great Neighborhoods: Washington, DC

America’s Great Neighborhoods: Washington, DC

A true national treasure, Washington, DC is as beautiful as it is historic and important. In summer, crisp blue skies create a stunning backdrop for the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House. In spring, … Read More
"Discovering Rancho Cordova

Discovering Rancho Cordova

Imagine finding the perfect location. What features would it have? Gorgeous year-round weather with bountiful sunshine and mild temperatures? How about beautiful rolling hills, massive shade trees, and a winding river? Or perhaps a plethora of outdoor activities ranging from … Read More
"10 Questions to Ask Before Renting an Apartment

10 Questions to Ask Before Renting an Apartment

Renting an apartment in every city presents its own challenges when you’re in the market, so it’s tempting to sign a lease after the first apartment you see. Be prepared with a list of questions before you make a commitment. … Read More
"5 Best Cities for Apartment Hunting Entrepreneurs

5 Best Cities for Apartment Hunting Entrepreneurs

Getting your startup off the ground not only requires capital but a favorable location to settle in as well. Though San Francisco Bay Area and New York are still the most popular locations for businesses, these places are not as … Read More