The Perks of Townhome Apartments

Author: Lauren Ross

Townhouse Living

If you’re in the market for a new place with a single-family home feel and no mortgage, then you may want to consider renting a townhome-style apartment. Many apartment communities offer townhome units to appease residents looking for more space while enjoying apartment community features. A townhome apartment is a great option for prospective families and couples who want a large floorplan with multiple levels. The perk of a townhome-style apartment is that no one will be above or below you; however, you will be sharing wall units since townhomes sit side-by-side with neighboring homes.

Townhome apartments offer other great benefits too. Some come with attached garages with personal entryways leading directly inside. There is usually a high demand for garages in apartment communities, so having one attached to your own home is a huge plus. If your townhome apartment doesn’t have an attached garage, you still get the perk of a private entrance into your home with parking right out front. Because townhomes sit horizontally, you have easier access to the grounds though a private front door and patio making townhomes an attractive option for residents with pets and kids.

The price for townhome-style apartments are usually going to be more expensive than a typical 2 bed/2 bath or even a 3 bed/2 bath apartment  due to the large multi-level unit. With renting a townhome apartment, you also get to experience the community amenities such as the pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, apartment maintenance, and anything else your complex offers.  To view listings of townhome apartments in your area, visit the Apartment Finder site, click on Advanced Search, more filters and type “townhome” in the Search by Keyword box. There are a lot of perks when it comes to renting townhome style apartments, so go ahead and find yours today.