Preparing to Move Away From Home

Author: Alecia Pirulis

moving away from home

Whether you’re moving out of your parents’ house for college or you’re ready to embark on an adventure on your own, preparing to move to an apartment is exciting. It’s a big life change, which requires quite a bit of planning. The process is complex and includes emotional, financial and logistical factors that affect the chances you will move out successfully on your own. Here are five tips to get you started:

Tell your parents: This will be the hardest step, especially if your parents have mixed emotions with you leaving. Give them enough time to process how they feel about you moving out. They’ll be a great resource for guidance and advice when you’re preparing to move.

Know your budget: Part of being a responsible adult is knowing where you stand financially. You will need some source of income, and you will need to know the expenses that are your responsibility, such as car payments, insurance, utilities, groceries, credit card bills and recreational spending. Once you’ve calculated your budget, you’ll have an exact idea of what you can afford in rent.

Find your new home: Renting an apartment is a popular choice for those moving away from home the first time, because rent is generally affordable, and various amenities and features are included in the price. Peruse the Internet, circle newspaper ads or drive around looking for private apartments. Have your deposit ready, and recruit a roommate or two if you don’t feel comfortable or can’t afford paying rent by yourself.

Shop for furniture, decor and living essentials: You want to be comfortable, so hopefully, you’ve set aside some funds for furniture and other houseware. You don’t have to acquire all your pieces at once, but a bed, a shower curtain and some cookware will help you feel at home your first night in your new apartment. Starting with nothing will require some time to get everything you need, and that’s okay.

Make moving truck arrangements: It’s likely you don’t have a lot of stuff to move, so if you have a friend with a truck, that will work. Some people like to accumulate their furniture and other household items as they’re preparing to move out on their own. If you’re one of those, hire professional movers. They will usually disassemble and reassemble your furniture for an additional charge, but it’s usually worth the few extra dollars.