Questions To Ask Property Managers When Apartment Hunting

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Apartment hunting is an exciting time, and most prospective renters tend to think of the final outcome and not the actual apartment hunting process. From visualizing home decor to planning a housewarming party, it’s easy to forget about asking essential questions before you sign on the dotted line.

Here’s just some of the questions you will want to ask when meeting with a property manager on your apartment search.

Does a property manager live on-site?

If a property manager feels the community is good enough to make their home, that is a great sign. The convenience of having him or her on-site means someone is always within reach to handle any emergency situations as they occur.

How safe is the community?

Security is a commonly forgotten concern while first timers are apartment hunting, and it should be, since it’s important. Ask the property manager how they approach security, like whether there’s an on-site security guard, coded gates and installed alarms in each unit.

When does rent go up?

Many people plan to stay in an apartment for several years, but your initial rate is likely to go up as time passes. Some communities offer a special for the first year and have the right to drastically increase rent thereafter. Know how much you might potentially pay in the future before you make your decision.

Are pets permitted?

Most pets are considered family, so you should know the requirements or whether or not pets are even allowed. Rules and restrictions vary from property to property, so write down your concerns before you meet with the property manager. Don’t forget to ask about pet rent, a pet deposit or weight restrictions.

What’s the parking situation?

Some properties have assigned parking or only allow one vehicle per apartment. Where you’re allowed to park and how many vehicles are allowed can make or break your final decision. The last thing you want is to get towed for leaving your vehicle in the street or in a neighbor’s parking spot.

The questions you ask depends on your individual situation, so write them down before you meet with any property manager, because you might not have the presence of mind if you don’t have them handy. Where you choose to live determines the quality of life you experience for the duration of your lease. Don’t ever feel embarrassed or hesitant to address any concerns you have.