Ten Fantastic Neighborhoods in Atlanta

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Sweet Auburn

When shopping for shoes, it is important to find the right fit, the right style – the shoes that speak to you. Finding the right neighborhood is the same concept. If you prefer trendy and fashionable, then an old-fashioned neighborhood won’t be a good fit. If you want sleek and modern, a loft in a historic converted warehouse isn’t the style that will make you comfortable. In an effort to help you weed out the neighborhoods that don’t fit and find one that do, I’ll be offering up some choices in different cities. Here are some options in Atlanta, Georgia:

1. Castleberry Hill: the perfect choice for artists and art-lovers. This colorful neighborhood is all about galleries and art shows. Looking to paint your world in funky, fashionable, and fun? Try this neighborhood on for size.

2. Downtown Atlanta: are you a mover and shaker? Career-driven and looking to live in the heart of the city? Like the hustle and bustle of endless activity, walking crowded sidewalks to work, and burning the midnight oil? Grab your sleek high-heels or polished loafers and head downtown.

3. Little Five Points: so you are young and hip and want someplace funky and original. This is where to go when you want to be seen at the hottest nightclubs and eat in the trendiest restaurants. Be the stilettos to everyone else’s sensible pumps.

4. Grant Park: your idea of Atlanta is Southern Belles in hoop skirts and gentlemen with top hats and tails? This historic neighborhood embodies the old South: quaint, elegant, and timeless.

5. Sweet Auburn: history with a dollop of hip. Historic but not stuffy, Sweet Auburn is cool and smooth, like a smoky jazz bar on a Saturday night.

6. Inman Park: Quiet elegance wrapped in history. Old money and historic architecture set in the rolling green hillside. Gone with the Wind meets the 21st century. You live in tuxedoes and eat caviar for breakfast? Welcome to Inman Park – polish up those Jimmy Choos.

7. Druid Hills: Opulent, expensive – the place to be seen. Golfing, museums, Emory University…it’s all here, steeped in history and tradition. Druid Hills is gorgeous and understated.

8. Midtown: Where the action is! This is the vibrant, fashionable hub of Atlanta. Nightlife, shopping, businesses – it’s all here in pulsating Technicolor – neon lights, meet sleek skyscrapers.

9. Atlantic Station: Funky apartments over shops, a plethora of restaurants, and packed nightclubs. Atlantic Station is a shopper’s Mecca and a fun, dynamic place to live. It’s trendy, it’s urban – it’s your favorite pair of Converse tennis shoes.

10. Sherwood Forest: Operas, symphonies, ballets, and Broadway shows– if you love the fine arts, Sherwood Forest is in the middle of it all.