The Best Cities for College Grads

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Streets of San Francisco

Streets of San Francisco (Photo credit: Frank Kehren)

Late August is definitely back-to-school season. I can’t turn on the television, visit a website, or check my mail without seeing ads for back-to-school clothing, banners from colleges and universities, and bold lettering proclaiming the Best Prices Ever on school supplies. Well, it is the season after all, but what about those who are now finished with school and looking to enter the job market?

That state of flux between being a college student and being an adult on a career path can be a difficult one. So, in the current economic climate, what’s a new grad to do?

Nearly 40 percent of all graduates return home to live with their parents. Others choose to remain in their college town – many universities will help recent grads find a position or internship in the area. And the rest? Well, it isn’t easy to start a career in a difficult job market, but it can be done.

If you’re willing to relocate, consider some of these top cities for new college grads. According to the Atlantic Cities, the best place to find a job right now is in San Francisco. Not only does this charming California city have a strong job market, but it is pedestrian-friendly with a great public transit system, it has a high percentage of young, college-educated professionals, and the weather is ideal. San Jose and the rest of Silicon Valley followed closely in the number two spot, and New York rounded out the top three.

According to Forbes magazine, the best city to find employment is Washington, D.C. With the unemployment rate around five percent (and dropping), the D.C. area is buzzing. The skill sets that are in high demand include engineering, healthcare, and business. Be sure to check out other major cities in the D.C. area, such as Arlington, Baltimore, and Alexandria.

And while no place is a guarantee, suggests heading west. The western US has the highest increase for adding full-time employees to the workforce.

It’s never easy to land that first big job after college, but with a little creativity and some patience you’ll find the position you want – in the location that is perfect for you.