Tips for Finding an Affordable San Francisco Apartment Online

Author: Alecia Pirulis

San Francisco apartments

If you’re on the hunt for affordable apartments in San Francisco, it’s beneficial to know what you need in order to live comfortably. Your lifestyle and budget are major factors in finding a location of the city that is suitable for you. As with any kind of apartment search, flexibility and the ability to weigh the good with the bad is required on your part. Here is a short list of tips for finding an affordable San Francisco apartment online  that won’t break the bank.

Perusing Apartment Finder’s Internet listings is the least time consuming method to locating an apartment home, but it’s not necessarily the easiest. Before you begin, you need to formulate a game plan, so you aren’t aimlessly searching online. Keep a pen and paper handy or create a spreadsheet to track of your findings in an organized manner. The apartment search process requires patience and attention to detail if you want to utilize your time efficiently.

To get to the most accurate results, start with these online listing directories and stay away from local classified listings (i.e. Craigslist). Local classified websites can be less constructive, because they aren’t usually professional managed, updated regularly, and often don’t include pictures of the unit. Sort the results according to your price range and preferred location, so you can find and save the most affordable apartments in San Francisco that fall within your budget. Re-visit your most favorable findings, and delete the apartments that aren’t in the location you desire or lack necessary amenities. If you’re lucky, your apartment search stops here!

You may determine that there are only a handful of cheap San Francisco apartments you can afford, so you might consider finding a roommate. In this case, begin your search asking your friends and family for referrals. Then visit roommate locating websites to find other people looking to share an apartment. Make sure you clearly communicate your needs and personal qualities, so you begin with a list candidates that meet your expectations.

Before you waste time and gas, it’s important you correspond with the apartment community or property manager over the phone or through email, and ask any questions and address concerns you may have regarding the listing, such as availability and confirmation of the rent price. Sometimes online properties have already been leased, and the listings are either old or used as bait to get potential renters into a completely different unit.

When it comes time to find an affordable apartment in San Francisco, we hope to be your resource for online research.  If you’re ready to kickstart your search, head on over to our San Francisco neighborhood page to get acquainted!