10 Steps on How to Be a Good Apartment Neighbor

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Whether you’re passing each other in the hallway, or stop to say “hello” to one another in the parking lot, an apartment community provides endless opportunities to interact with your neighbors. Living so close isn’t always easy; there are times when our neighbors can get on our last nerve. However, we’ve put together a list on how to be a good neighbor and fellow resident in your apartment community.

1.Introduce yourself: When you first move in, take the time to greet your neighbors. More than likely, they will reach out to you as well so they can get to know you better. It never hurts to make the first move.

2. Be courteous and knowledgeable on their lifestyle: Do they work evenings? Do they have children? Knowing these kinds of things will help you to know when to keep the volume down and to not disturb them.

3. Use inside voices: Shared walls, ceilings and floors mean sound will travel easily into your neighbor’s home. Be respectful and use inside voices, and keep the music and the TV down on a low volume.

4. Control your dog: Always control your dog when out within the community. This includes keeping them leashed and picking up pet waste after they use the restroom. Keep dogs from barking so they don’t disturb the neighbors.

5. Give a heads up if you’re entertaining guests: It’s perfectly acceptable to entertain in your apartment, but if you do, be respectful of your neighbors by ending the party at a decent time. Another good idea is to extend the invite to them so they feel included in the fun.

6. Alert neighbors of community news or reports: If you hear of anything your neighbors could benefit from, let them know. It will show them that you’re considerate and thinking of them, which goes a long way.

7. Take the garbage out: Don’t let the trash bag hang around the hallway. Instead, take the bag all the way to the dumpster so the hall doesn’t smell and attract bugs and rodents.

8. Offer help: If you see your neighbors emptying their car of groceries or other bags, offer to help bring them upstairs to their apartment. Those flights of stairs can be tiring after all!

9. Organize a community get-together:  The best way to be a good neighbor is to be friends with them. Host a community party at the club house, so you can get to know everyone living around you.

10. Greet new neighbors: If you notice someone new moving in, go out of your way to introduce yourself. Remember, you were new once. It will make them feel welcomed and comfortable in their new home.

As said before, sometimes it is difficult to live so close to others. But, being a good neighbor is essential to being friendly and cordial with one another, and enhances the living experience at your apartment! Do you have any other tips on how to be a good neighbor in your community? Share them with us on our Facebook page!