10 Tools You Should Always Have Handy in Your Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Not everyone is a handyman, but when you are out on your own in an apartment living situation, at the very least, you should own a basic set of tools for your apartment. Your budget won’t always allow hiring someone to do the work for you. Even something as simple as hanging a picture frame requires a tool, and you will probably buy furniture that requires assembly. Here’s a list of ten tools for your apartment you should keep handy.

1. A sturdy toolbox: A cardboard box will fall apart sooner than later if you use it to store tools. You can probably find a sturdy plastic toolbox at Lowe’s or Home Depot for less than $30.

2. Clawhammer: This is the type of hammer you’re most familiar seeing, and it is probably the easiest tool to use. Use one side for driving nails, and use the two-pronged claw for pulling nails out of a wall or wood.

3. Set of screwdrivers: Both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers are necessary, and we’ll tell you right now you’ll never be successful using a Phillips screwdriver on a slotted screw. Look for mixed sized sets with comfortable grips and magnetic tips to make screwing and unscrewing easier.

4. Locking pliers: Also known as vise grips, these are very versatile. Use them as clamps, wire cutters. lieu of a wrench or anything that requires stabilizing.

5. Tape measure: There’s nothing worse than underestimating the size of large furniture and finding out it doesn’t fit through the front door of your apartment. Tape measures also come in handy for simple apartment living projects, such as determining the size of your windows, so you purchase appropriately sized curtain rods and drapes.

6. Utility knife: From opening up boxes to sharpening pencils, you’ll be thankful for this tool after ruining a perfectly good set of butterknives.

7. Staple gun:  Staple guns are a lot of fun, especially once you dip your toes in the world of DIY-ing.

8. Safety glasses: Your eyesight is precious, so there is no excuse not to keep them protected.

9. Cordless drill: This is the best for repairs inside and outside your apartment, and it will save time and energy if something comes with an endless amount of screws.

10. Flashlight:  In case of an emergency, you should have one of these anyway. A flashlight is useful for hammering, clamping or screwing nails in areas of your apartment where the light is dim.

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