20 Items Every Apartment Kitchen Should Have

Author: Justin Fishaw  

Stock your kitchen

An apartment living experience is different for everyone, so whether you have lived with roommates, in various cities or in different areas in your town, one thing remains constant — a kitchen. When you’ve finally settled down and have signed a lease on your own, you’ll need to setup your first kitchen. Other than standard apartment living appliances, such as a stove, refrigerator and a sink, your first essentials don’t need to be fancy! Here’s a list of 20 items you’ll need for your kitchen to feel like home:

  1. Utensils: Don’t forget a holder to keep your spoons, forks and butter knives organized.

  2. Plates and bowls: At the very least, stock up on disposables.

  3. Glassware: Accumulate a broad range of sizes for juice, wine, champagne, etc.

  4. Knives: The cheaper the price, the quicker the blades dull.

  5. Pots and pans: Purchase a variety of sizes of both, and try to find non-stick qualities.

  6. Cutting board: You’ll ruin the counter or new plates chopping vegetables without one.

  7. Trash Can: Buy garbage bags that fit for easy disposal.

  8. Microwave: Eventually, you’ll want to re-heat food, which is super time-consuming if you only have a stove and oven.

  9. Tupperware: For storing leftovers, so you can re-heat them in your microwave.

  10. Spatula: Without one, it’s nearly impossible to flip a burger or egg in a frying pan.

  11. Colander: For rinsing fresh vegetables or draining pasta.

  12. Can opener: Avoid electric ones in case of a power outage.

  13. Serving spoons: Buy a couple with and without slots.

  14. Spices: Start off with the basics, such as oregano, parsley and basil.

  15. Salt and pepper shakers: Disposable ones work until you feel like upgrading.

  16. Aluminum foil, saran wrap and storage baggies: All three are good for wrapping leftovers or storing food in the freezer or fridge for future use.

  17. Sponges: You’ll want to wash dishes…eventually.

  18. Dish soap: To squeeze onto your sponges.

  19. Oven mitts: The flat ones serve a double purpose if you use them to set hot dishes on.

  20. Dish rack: If your apartment living situation doesn’t include a dishwasher, you need somewhere to let clean dishes dry.

Once you’re comfortable in your kitchen, hopefully, you’ll use it on a daily basis. As time goes by, you’ll find yourself where you wish you had something specific, like a crockpot, griddle or coffee maker. The kitchen will always be a work-in-progress, so do yourself a favor, and buy what you need!

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(image via Flickr)