20 Items Every Apartment Kitchen Should Have

Author: Alecia Pirulis


An apartment living experience is different for everyone. So whether you have lived with roommates, in various cities or in different areas in town, one thing remains constant – a kitchen. When you’ve finally settled down and have signed a lease on your own, you’ll need to setup your first kitchen. Other than the standard appliances, such as a stove, refrigerator and sink, there are some essentials you must have ready. Here’s a list of twenty items you’ll need for your kitchen to feel like home:

1.Utensils: Don’t forget to get a divider to keep your spoons, forks, and butter knives organized.

2. Plates and bowls: At the very least, stock up on disposables.

3. Glassware: Accumulate a broad range of sizes for juice, wine, and coffee.

4. Knives: The cheaper the price, the quicker the blades dull. Aim for a quality set that lasts longer.

5. Pots and pans: Purchase a variety of sizes of both and look for ones that are non-stick.

6. Cutting board: You’ll ruin the counter or new plates chopping vegetables without one.

7. Trash can: Buy garbage bags that fit for easy disposal.

8. Microwave: Reheating food is time consuming if you only have a stove and oven.

9. Tupperware: Great for storing leftovers.

10. Spatula: Without one, it’s nearly impossible to flip a burger or egg in a frying pan.

11. Colander: For rinsing fresh vegetables and draining pasta.

12. Can opener: Avoid electric ones in case of a power outage.

13. Serving spoons: Buy a couple and without slots.

14. Spices: Start off with the basics, such as oregano, parsley and basil.

15. Salt and pepper shakers: Disposable ones work until you feel like upgrading.

16. Aluminum foil, plastic wrap and freezer bags: All three are good for wrapping leftovers and storing food in fridge or freezer for future consumption.

17. Sponges: You need something sturdy to clean the dishes with.

18. Dish soap: To use on your sink sponge.

19. Oven mitts: The flat ones serve a double purpose if you use them to set hot dishes on.

20. Dish rack: If your apartment doesn’t include a dishwasher, you need somewhere to let clean dishes dry.

Once you’re comfortable in your kitchen, hopefully, you’ll use it on a daily basis. As time goes by, you’ll eventually find yourself using cool kitchen gadgets like a slow-cooker, griddle or coffee maker. The kitchen will always be a work in progress, so do yourself a favor now and buy what you need!

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