3 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Leftover Halloween Candy

Author: Lauren Ross

Trick or Treat

Halloween is now over and your apartment is filled with an unlimited supply of sweets. During trick-or-treating, your Batman or Elsa hit up every home in the neighborhood and came back with an unbelievable amount of candy. Keeping too much candy inside the home can be risky to a family’s health. It’s best to consume these sweets in moderation; though sometimes it’s tempting to reach into the pumpkin pail for three or four Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. If your family is over loaded with Halloween candy, and you need to get rid of some, here are some excellent ways to get it out of the apartment.

1. Sell it

A large 12 pound sack of candy will take forever for a trick-or-treater to consume. That much sugar can cause a toothache, cavities, and plaque build-up. Dentists and Orthodontists are offering children a chance to “sell” or donate some of their treat stash to benefit Operation Gratitude, an organization that sends care packages to men and women serving overseas. Kids can usually get a buyback price of $1 per pound, up to a specific limit. Small toys, healthy treats, toothbrushes, and food vouchers are also used as a form of payment for candy. Locate the nearest drop off centers on the Halloween Candy Buyback website!

2. Switch it out

The Switch Witch is a friendly house guest who makes an appearance at the home of trick-or-treaters a few days prior to Halloween. As seen on the show “Shark Tank”, you can find these dolls online or at department stores. In return for a comfortable stay with the host family, the Switch Witch will exchange candy with small toys or goodies, per the child’s request. If you don’t have the character doll, don’t worry! On the days leading up to Halloween, have your child write the Switch Witch a letter requesting what kind of goodies he or she would like in exchange for a portion of their candy. This is a great alternative for kids with allergies and dietary restrictions, too!

3. Donate

Many charities and organizations are accepting Halloween candy donations. Your extra candy can help brighten the day of a child in a hospital; provide active duty soldiers with a little slice of home; or benefit the residents of a local homeless shelter. Organizations like The Ronald McDonald House Charities; Operation Gratitude; Operation Stars and Stripes; Operation Shoebox; and Any Soldier, along with local retirement homes, hospitals, food pantries, and housing shelters are accepting unopened treat donations.