3 Keys to Gardening in a Small Space

Author: Alecia Pirulis

small space plantingSpring has sprung! It’s been a long winter for most around the country and the site of flowers blooming is like a breath of fresh air. Adding the sweet smells of floral scents and fresh herbs to your apartment can brighten almost any day. Unfortunately, the small patios that most apartments come with make gardening space limited. Here are some great small space tips for adding blooms to your room:

Planting Vegetables and Herbs

Want to grow your own veggies and herbs to add fresh ingredients to your family dinners? There are three keys to success:

1. Sun: most vegetables need at least 6 hours of good sunlight per day. If you live on a side of the building that gets more shade, you will be limited to what you can grow – but not completely out of luck as there are vegetables that can grow with less sunlight.

2. Water: a very important element to the recipe of growing vegetables and herbs is watering them. Oftentimes rain water alone isn’t enough. Be sure your mini garden is getting watered once to twice per week.

3. Soil: you’ll need a good soil for healthy growth of your delicious future food. The best soils are made of organic matter, which can even make herbs and veggies have stronger flavors.

Planting Flowers

Get creative when making space for blooms to brighten up your home. There are lots of great DIY ideas to add unique potting space to your apartments patio. Once you’ve created the space with your wood pallets, or simply the cheapest planters your local hardware store has to offer, you’re ready for the fun part. Add pops of color with johnny jump ups and creeping phlox. If your apartment lacks patio space, pick up a cactus or spider plant for the perfect indoor greenery. Each of these easy plants only need watering about once per week and are perfect for apartment living.

Adding live plants to your apartment or patio will help you feel better, breathe easier, and can improve your health.

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