3 Steps for Improving Your Apartment Living Space

Author: TeamAF  

plants for apartment

Making your home a space of beauty and function need not be expensive nor time consuming. While you may not own your apartment home and are therefore limited a bit by how much you change, you can make the interior of your home unique, inviting, and, most importantly, yours. To get you started, we have three decorating/design tips that can turn your uniform apartment space into one of luxury and warmth.

Make smaller areas larger by making them lighter.

While some apartment management companies may allow you to add a fresh coat of light hues paint, there are other ways you can add the illusion of a bigger space. Dark hallways, for instance, can be livened up and made to appear bigger by adding suitable lighting as décor. Try implementing a strand of white lights to the area. This will provide an interesting look while at the same time serving its function of illuminate a darkened spot of your home. Or, give narrow hallways the illusion of appearing larger by hanging mirrors on the walls. This same décor strategy is useful in small rooms and other crowded living areas as well.

Our friends over at Nest offer a few more great ideas:

  • Add dining tables that can be made smaller or larger by unfolding and folding the ends.
  • Decorate your ceiling with fun decor pieces and textures to divert the eyes upward, creating the illusion of a bigger room.
  • Pull back the blinds and window treatments to allow the view to provide depth to the room.

Keep your apartment dry and comfortable with a dehumidifier.

There’s a reason why we eat ‘comfort food’ during the winter holidays. This is the time of season to relax, be comfortable, and enjoy your surroundings. Winter can be punishing to your apartment if not planned for accordingly. Be sure to protect your furniture, curtains, wood and wallpaper from feeling the effects by investing in a dehumidifier. This nifty machine keeps things dry and cozy in your home by minimizing moisture.

Shopping for a humidifier suitable for your apartment home? Check out this list of the five best humidifiers from Apartment Therapy.

Bring the outside inside.

Since it’s the holiday season, many of you have added plenty of greenery to your apartment homes. But what about the rest of the year? Did you know that having plants inside your home not only helps improve your overall mood, but it also improves the quality of the air in your apartment? Two things vital to living a happy and healthy apartment living life!

plants for apartment

Lacking that ‘green thumb?’ No worries. If you’re anything like me, you kill every plant you try to ‘take care of.’ So here’s a list of 10 apartment-friendly apartments that even I can keep alive!

What tips do you have for improving the apartment space? Share them with us in the comments below!