4 Decorating Ideas to Brighten Up Your Patio This Spring

Author: Lauren Ross

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Love that spring is just around the corner? Me too! Now that the first official day of spring is only a few weeks away, you may be delving into the idea of sprucing up your apartment’s back patio. The patio is a great place to hold small dinner parties among friends, or create a space just for you to put your feet up and enjoy the warm days ahead. If you want to add life back into your outdoor space, then check out these affordable do-it-yourself decorating ideas that will make your patio more attractive and possibly the best spot in your home.

Decorative Pillows and Rugs Create Character

A cheap and effective way to give your outdoor space an instant facelift is by adding decorative pillows to your outdoor furniture. It’s easy to bring the comfort and style of the indoors outdoors with weather-resistant fabrics in a variety of bold patterns and bright colors. Another great way to add character to your outdoor entertainment space is by adding a unique rug. An eye-catching rug creates a focal point and ties other decorative elements together.

Sparkle and Shine Can Make the Space Feel Larger

Give your balcony the creative boost it deserves by adding a little sparkle and shine. Accessories that are shimmery and reflective will instantly add a glamour vibe to your balcony while creating the illusion of a larger space. Coasters, gardening pots, and mirrored wall art with a little shimmer are fabulous cost-effective ways to add style and make your space brighter.

Plants Create an Oasis

Adding lush foliage and gorgeous flowers can turn a rather dull patio into a beautiful and calming oasis. Rich blooms of geraniums and flashy buds of begonias emit an abundance of pleasant fragrances that can turn your patio into a welcoming paradise for relaxation.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Lighting adds character to your patio at dusk. With the right bulbs and shades, you can cast the right lighting for the mood you’re trying to set. Soft glow lighting is ideal for romantic settings and elegant ambiance, while fluorescent and LED lighting is more suited for reading and entertaining. Using string lights, battery-powered lamps, or twinkle lights makes for a fun outdoor space!

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Photo Source: Feng Shui Trend