4 Non-Toxic, Pet-Safe Plants for Indoor Apartment Living

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Pet owners know that dogs and cats like to sniff and chew on indoor plants when curiosity strikes. However, not many people know which houseplants are safe for pets to consume and which ones cause harm. Keeping pets and plants under one roof doesn’t need to be a challenge. Below are four non-toxic, pet-safe houseplants that are perfect for apartment living.


Cat owners know the magical powers of catnip. However, it’s not common knowledge that catnip is also known as “catmint,” and can also be used as a mosquito repellent or herbal ointment. While pet owners normally purchase catnip in the pet section of a store, it can be purchased as seeds or as a potted plant at a home and garden retailer. Cats will be in heaven, and dogs can nibble at the plant with little risk.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are popular houseplants, because they require very little maintenance and make attractive decorations inside the apartment. According to the ASPCA, the spider plant is not toxic to cats or any other types of pets.


This woody-like plant is distinctly symbolic in various parts of Asia and is rising in popularity in Western culture. Bamboo plants are safe for your pets to curiously chew. Bamboo is also used as an alternative material in furniture, flooring and home décor – plus, it actually improves air quality. Air purification is important, especially in smaller apartments. As long as you keep its container full of water, these houseplants are easy to maintain.

African Violets

African violets appear on many lists of non-toxic plants for pets, and they add a nice touch of color to your home. Although they are mostly recognized for their purple color, they can be seen in white or pale blue as well. These plants thrive indoors and are low-maintenance, which is why they are often used as household plants.

Once you know which plants don’t require extra special attention, caring for household plants is actually pretty easy. Now you can experience apartment living with your pets comfortably without the worries of whether or not they will be harmed by ingesting your decorative plants. Adding a touch of nature to your home can really liven up the place, just like your pets do!