4 Reason to Listen to Music While Working Out

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Image via motiveweight.blogspot.com

Apartment Finder wanted to help one of our loyal Facebook fans keep their New Years fitness resolution. We gave away a $100 iTunes gift card in early January via our Facebook page.

Image via motiveweight.blogspot.com

Image via motiveweight.blogspot.com

We can never have enough music while sitting in rush hour traffic, or cleaning the apartment, but listening to your favorite songs while working out has some pretty impactful benefits, as well. Here are 4 reasons you should listen to music while working out:

1) Cause you to focus on the music rather than the pain or exhaustion you may feel during the workout. Therefore, pushing you farther than if you weren’t listening to music.

2) Upbeat tempos help you keep your cardio levels high, resulting in more calories burned.

3) The beat of the song keeps you going at a steady pace during your workout. Having a fluctuated pace can decrease energy.

4) A good song can put you in a good mood, and motivate you to have a successful workout.

We’re excited to announce Nicole V. of Allentown, P.A. as our gift card winner! She loves working out indoors doing cardio while listening to “I Love It” by Icona Pop, taking Zumba classes, and working on her abs. What motivates her to keep up with her fitness goals is having a partner to hold her accountable and prevent her from skipping a workout.

Tell us your favorite song to work out to, along with your fitness goals for 2014 in the comment section below.

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