7 Apartment Furnishings Worth the Splurge

Author: Lauren Ross


Moving into a new apartment may require adding a few new furniture pieces to your setup. If you have upsized, you probably have an extra room or two to fill. Furnishing an apartment can be fun, but may leave you with this question: What items should I splurge on in my new home? The expense of these furniture pieces can be quite the financial undertaking, but higher-quality items are beneficial in the long run. They’re built to last so you can save money. If you’re in the market to furnish your new pad, here are some pieces that are worth the splurge.


Splurging on a sofa in your new apartment is worth it. A high-quality sofa is made to last, so you won’t need to toss it when you move out.  When you’re furniture shopping, consider the color, texture, and style of the sofa before you commit to the purchase. If you’re unsure if you will still like the pattern of the sofa in a few years, consider getting one in a neutral color. Neutral color pieces complement many apartment styles and make decorating easy!


Of course you should spend a little more on your mattress –it’s where you sleep at night! A good, quality mattress will help you get the rest you need.  The type of mattress you choose can help relieve muscle and joint pressure, keep your body cool and comfortable, and reduce back pain.


Do yourself a huge favor and invest in a good vacuum cleaner for your apartment. A reliable vacuum can lift up dirt and pet hair from the floor in less time, and save you a lot of money by not having to replace it as often.


Like a couch, a dresser is built to last. Skip the cheap stuff and buy a nice, quality dresser to complete your bedroom set. More expensive pieces often times have more drawers for storage.

Kitchen Knives:

Chopping vegetables and butterflying chicken is extremely difficult to do with a dull knife. Preparing dinner can become dangerous with a dull knife, as it can slip and slice your hand. Every apartment should have a good kitchen knife set; it allows for more efficient food preparation.

High-Speed Internet: 

High-speed internet is a must-have now days. If multiple devices are connected to a single internet network, you may experience a slow connection. Splurging on the internet speed is beneficial for anyone who works from home or who has a lot of internet-capable devices. Online video streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, will stream better with a faster connection.


If you like it, you should splurge. Artwork is a great way to add character to an apartment and make it feel like home!