7 Useful Kitchen Gadgets to Have in Your College Apartment

Author: Lauren Ross


You probably just moved into your new off-campus apartment, ready to begin another semester. As the first day of school quickly approaches, you hastily begin to unpack while trying to sort out your class schedule. The first box you get your hands on contains cutlery, dishes and baking pans, which you immediately place inside the kitchen cabinets.

As you begin unpacking the rest, you might be thinking that you have all the necessities needed for cooking and entertaining – but are you sure about that? Below are seven budget-friendly kitchen gadgets you should have in your college apartment:

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is an excellent way to prepare home-style meals that are ready to eat as soon as you come back from classes. Not only is it inexpensive, a slow cooker is a time-saving appliance when it comes to cooking and cleanup. Throw some ingredients together from a slow cooker recipe and turn on before you head out for the day. You can make a ton of different meals with this gadget, click here for some of our favorites!

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is a must-have inside your apartment. It’s easier and faster than a stovetop kettle, and generally holds more water, too. Make oatmeal on the go before a big midterm, or prepare some soothing chamomile tea for an afternoon pick-me-up. The kettle can quickly heat water for instant ramen and is easy to store away when not in use.

French Press

Most college students rely on their morning coffee to the get them through the day. Instead of a bulky coffee maker taking up precious counter space in your kitchen, get a French press coffee maker. French press coffee is typically stronger and many find it to be more fragrant than coffee made by regular coffee pots. Because the French press is smaller in size, it’s easy to store and clean. The gadget comes in a variety of prices for every budget.

Can Opener

When buying small kitchen appliances, a can opener is often forgotten about until you’re in a situation when you need one desperately. Don’t be left without one, find a cheap can opener at discount stores near your apartment.

George Foreman Grill

A George Foreman is great for an indoor barbecue. You can grill burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and steak to perfection with this electric machine. Cleaning is simple and the grill is relatively affordable for students on a budget. Skip the mac and cheese and create loaded chicken quesadillas from your George Foreman grill press!

Wine Levers and Corkscrews

A glass of wine after finishing a tough exam is well-deserved – just be sure you have a wine lever or corkscrew before popping the bottle. Wine openers are cheap and you can find them at almost any retailer. Due to its size, place in a pull-out drawer so the wine lever or corkscrew doesn’t get lost.

Ice Cream Scoop

Everyone should treat themselves to something sweet once in a while. Whether you’re coming home from a day of consecutive presentations or just submitted your final thesis report, a cool scoop of ice cream may be what you need to celebrate the occasion. Keep an ice cream scoop in your drawer for those celebratory moments or just for dessert. There are many styles available and all reasonably priced for cost-conscience students.

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