A Guide on How to Make a New City Feel like Home

Author: Lauren Ross


Moving is tough on anyone. But moving to an entirely new city where you don’t know anyone can be rough and terrifying at the same time, especially if you are doing it solo. You may be relocating because of a job opportunity or as a personal choice. Whatever the reason may be, you will soon have to pack up and head out for your new home in a new area. The overwhelming feeling that envelops you is totally natural, but moving can also be an exciting time as you begin a new journey in life.

It’s hard to say goodbye to family and friends. And to keep your mind active to avoid homesickness, start decorating the apartment ASAP. Once the boxes are unloaded off the truck, unpack your family memorabilia, pictures, and mementos and set them out on display. This will get your new space looking like home, even when hundreds of miles away.

Take some time out from unpacking heavy boxes to familiarize yourself with the area. Browse the Web for stores you frequent often, like the grocery store, pharmacy, and bank. Then, walk or drive to go see where they are located and their distance from the apartment. During the excursion, you may even come across some stylish boutiques, flower markets, organic produce vendors, and hip cafes. It’s a good idea to locate your neighborhood convenience and grocery store quickly – you never know when you might need to make an emergency toilet paper run.

Becoming a tourist in the area is a great way to discover it! Treat your move as a mini vacation by visiting the main attractions and tourist destinations in the area. Learn about the city’s culture by exploring unique neighborhoods, city museums, and popular restaurants with local cuisines. And when mom and dad come to visit, you will be able to guide them around town like a professional!

Whether you had to relocate for work, or if it was a personal decision, the best way to make nice with the neighbors and meet new people is to accept invites out. If a coworker extends an invitation out to you for lunch, take it. It’s a great way to learn about the people who you will be working closely with. Try to strike up a conversation with a neighbor if they are out – it’s nice to know who you live by and they can get to know you.

Chances are you have some sort of hobby or interest, and others in your area might share the same one (or two). Meet people who like the same things as you by joining and organized club or group. Meetup is a site that finds clubs in your area that meet at local spots around town. There are many groups to join, such as a hiking club, sports leagues, puppy meetups at dog parks, and karaoke groups.

Moving is rough and a big transition. But by following this guide, you will surely find your new city enjoyable and make new friends along the way. If you are in need of a new apartment, Apartment Finder has thousands of listings in multiple cities across the nation.

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