Add Color to Your Apartment Without Painting

Author: Lauren Ross


So you want to liven up your new apartment, but swore under oath that you wouldn’t paint? What you need is a painting alternative and we’ve got ideas to help you out. To make your apartment feel like home, check out these simple solutions that will add a pop of color to a room, without the mess of paint!

Living Room

A few accent pieces here and there in your living room will give it the facelift it deserves! A large bold area rug is perfect for adding a splash of color onto the floors. Be sure to pick out a rug that fully expresses your personality and style, as well as accentuates the other items you already own. Table lamps and an upholstered chair will help infuse color into the space, and new throw pillows are a relatively inexpensive idea to help brighten the sofa.

Seasonal flowers are great for dressing up a coffee table or bookcase. They smell and look great, and you can purchase them fresh at a neighborhood farmer’s market. Artwork from an antique or thrift shop (or ones you create by hand) will help cover bare walls and make the space exciting. Cool, collective pieces are great conversation starters and complete the look of the home.

orange living room

Photo Source: Houzz


Kitchens have been called “the heart of the home” – and for good reason! It’s the place inside the home where families spend the most time together, bonding over delicious home-cooked meals. If you have exposed shelving in your kitchen, create a display of your most beloved culinary items. Floral teacups and a teapot, handcrafted coffee mugs, and monogrammed plates would make an excellent arrangement to show off.

Another idea is to have a few stand-out small appliances displayed around the kitchen, such as a Kitchen Aid® mixer or French press. Ripe red and green apples, plump oranges, and yellow bananas delicately placed in a linen-lined basket will look striking and homey as a table centerpiece. Temporary mosaic backsplash is something to consider, if you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks.


Without the right accessories, a bed comforter can look bland and uninspiring. Accent pillows and a unique throw can work wonders on even the plainest comforter. Window treatments and curtains create a dramatic effect in the room, and they are typically inexpensive. Another recommendation would be to add a colorful bench at the foot of the bed for extra storage and seating!

pink-and-orange bedroom

Photo Source: BHG


A shower curtain will likely be the biggest source of color in your bathroom, unless you have colored tiles. Pick a shower curtain you like and then use its pattern as inspiration for the bathroom accessories. Add a touch of greenery to your bath by adding a house plant, like an orchid.

Making your apartment your own doesn’t have to be difficult work. And if you can’t paint, follow these ideas to create a colorful space you’ll enjoy. Still looking for your dream apartment? Apartment Finder has thousands of real-time listings all across the country. For more information on apartment decorating, visit our blog!