Apartment Decorating Dos and Don’ts

Author: Alecia Pirulis

Make your new apartment look great with these tips.

–Find multiple uses for furniture. Shop antique stores and flea markets – love an old trunk? Use it as a coffee table and store blankets, CDs, and other items inside. Vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other make a unique side table – and is a great place to store things you don’t use often, such as Christmas ornaments.

–Decorate with mirrors. A mirror will make your apartment look bigger and brighter.

–Hang curtains from ceiling to floor. Even if you don’t have any windows — this will give the illusion of windows.

–Use color in your apartment decorating. From pillows to paintings, colorful items will liven up your space. Mix and match patterns and color. Go for lively and bold – but not too dark. Too many dark colors can make your space feel smaller.

–Try new things! If you can’t paint, buy contact paper and a stencil. Cut shapes and stick them on the wall. It looks great and it is easy to peel off when it is time to move. If you aren’t crafty, buy wall art decals. They come in all sorts of patterns, from giant sunflowers to dainty fleur-de-leis.


–Use large furniture. Your furniture should match your space. A streamlined couch with simple lines will look better in a small space than a large, overstuffed version.

–Clutter your apartment. Get rid of non-essentials – they will just make the space look smaller. In the kitchen, put the appliances you don’t use often in a cabinet – don’t leave them on the counter.

–Put furniture in every available space. If a room looks cluttered, empty the corners. It will help lighten up the room and make it feel spacious.

–Let your windows get dirty. Keeping them clean will brighten your apartment.

–Assume you can’t paint. Ask your apartment manager. You may be surprised – many apartment buildings will allow you to paint, as long as you paint it back before you move.