How to Baby Proof Your Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis

baby proof your apartment

It’s critical to baby proof your apartment, especially once your baby reaches four months of age. Now is the time to give some thought to how safe your apartment actually is for babies, because once he or she starts to crawl, there is a whole world of danger to get into. Here are a few ways to make your apartment a safe environment when your baby is ready to explore.

Crawl Around

One of the most logical ways to detect potential apartment hazards is to crawl around on the floor. You might not think about dead bugs, thumbtacks, pet bowls and other small objects while standing upright, but babies will find the smallest things to look at up close. Know what’s on your floor, and remove items that babies would likely put in their mouths.

Cover Electrical Outlets

Floor level electrical outlets that aren’t in use should be covered. If they ARE being used, you should block baby access, because babies are curious and will play with electrical plugs all day if you let them. Baby-proof electrical outlet covers can be found in any store and online, but look for covers with a sliding panel. When a plug is pulled out, the cover spontaneously slides over the outlet, which is an amazing safety feature.

Baby Locks in the Kitchen

Kitchens are especially dangerous for babies due to easily accessible cleaning products and sharp objects housed in the bottom kitchen cabinets. Accidents can happen within a blink of an eye, even if you never leave your child unattended. Baby-proof locks will give you more peace of mind when your baby is crawling around on the kitchen floor.

Close the Bathroom Doors

Dogs are notorious for drinking out the toilet bowl, and babies are known to dabble in this activity from time to time. After the kitchen, the bathroom is the second-most hazardous area in your apartment. From medicine cabinets and toilet bowl brushes to bathtubs, showers and faucets, the only way to protect your baby from these potentially dangerous features is always closing the bathroom door.

Purchase a Baby Gate

In apartments with stairs or in areas without a door, a baby gate is the best investment you can make when baby-proofing your home. Baby gates with bars are not preferred, because hands and heads can get stuck in between the rails. Instead, plastic baby gates with solid panels are your safest option.

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