Baby Proofing Tips for Renters

Author: Lauren Ross


New parents love to watch their tots learn, play, and grow within the home. It’s where they’ll take their first steps and mutter their first word. Babies will also become extremely curious, and get the urge to explore the apartment! When this happens, it’s time to baby-proof the place. If you’re a parent of a young child, here are some tips to turn the apartment into a safe, baby-friendly environment.

1. Think like a Baby

Babies are very curious about the world around them, and they explore their curiosity by crawling – and sometimes putting objects in their mouth. A great way to spot ground-level safety risks around your apartment is to think like a baby…and crawl!

By getting on your hands and knees, you can scout corners, floor bases, and cabinetry for loose nails, wood or dry wall chippings, and exposed cables which can be harmful to a child, especially if ingested or chewed on. You don’t want your child to get their hands on items like these, or put them in their mouth, so it’s important to investigate all rooms of the rental through the eye-level of a baby.

2. Cover Wall Sockets

Wall sockets around the home should be covered to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. If an outlet is in use, proper preventive measures should be taken so that the cords and outlets become unattainable to children. You can purchase inexpensive outlet coverings online or at local convenience stores.

3. Baby-Proof Cabinetry

Babies, tots, and small children will try to get into anything they can. If you take your eyes off them for one second, you’ll find them rummaging through cabinets. To prevent a possible disaster, make sure you secure your bathroom and kitchen cabinets with child safety locks. The kitchen is full of heavy pots and pans, and the bathroom is full of cleaning chemicals, so baby-proof locks in these areas are a must!

4. Fasten Guards on Furniture with Sharp Edges

Babies and toddlers just don’t mix with sharp, pointy corners.  It’s very easy for them to bump or crash into sharp edges of furniture when learning to stand or walk – and that can result in a nasty boo-boo.  You may want to exchange your current furniture with baby-friendly pieces, that have softened or round edges. If you need to keep your old furniture, place bumper guards on the sharp corners.

5. Baby Gates Are Good Investments

A baby gate is worth the investment; it keeps babies and kids away from restricted areas of the apartment. Pressure mounted gates are ideal for rental homes, because they won’t cause damage to the walls.

6. Keep Plants up High

Plants look great in an apartment; they bring the beauty of the outdoors, in.  Flowers and shrubs can also be somewhat enticing to a small child, and soon enough dirt is covering the floor as well as your infant. Instead of keeping potted plants on the ground, set them on display up high on a counter or shelf. Some plants should be kept away from kids. Plants like Dumb cane, Caladium, and Azaleas should be removed from the home, as they can cause illness if accidentally ingested.

By keeping in mind these tips, you can set up your apartment home to be a baby-friendly space. What other baby proofing tips would you suggest to parents or soon-to-be parents? Share with us on our Facebook page or Twitter!