Baby Proofing Tips for Renters

Author: Lauren Ross


New parents love to watch their tots learn, play and grow inside the home. It’s where they (hopefully) will take their first step and mutter their first word. Toddlers will also become extremely curious of their surrounding and get the urge to explore around the apartment. When this happens, it’s time to take action and baby-proof the place.

  1. Think like a Baby

Babies are very inquisitive about the world around them. And when they begin exploring what interests them, they start crawling and often times putting objects in their mouth. A great way to catch these potential hazards before they do is simple: Crawl!

By thinking like a baby and getting down on hands and knees, you can peer around corners, floor bases and cabinets for items like loose nails, wood or dry wall chipping and exposed cables. Because these things can pose risk if touched or ingested, it’s important to navigate all rooms at baby’s level.

  1. Cover Wall Sockets

Wall sockets around the apartment need to be covered. If an outlet is being used, preventative measures should be in place so that the child can’t access it or the cables. You can purchase inexpensive outlet coverings online or at convenience stores.

  1. Lock Cabinetry Doors

Babies, tots and small children will try to get into everything they can. If you take your eyes off them for even a second, you may find them rummaging through your cabinets. Safety locks can prevent injury, and they should be at least on every floor-level cabinet. Kitchens and bathrooms are a common place to house cleaning chemicals – so lock them up good!

  1. Fasten Guards on Furniture with Sharp Edges

When you mix a wobbling toddler and sharp-edge furniture, it just doesn’t end well. It’s very easy for them to bump or crash into these corners while learning to walk or stand – and that can result in a nasty boo-boo. You may want to exchange your current furniture with baby-friendly pieces that have soft, rounded edges. If that’s not an option, place bumper guards around the edges.

  1. Baby Gates Are Good Investments

A baby gate is worth getting, because it keeps them out of restricted areas of the house. Pressure mounted gates are ideal for rentals, since they won’t cause damage to the walls.

  1. Keep Plants up High

Plants are attractive in apartments, because they bring the outdoors in. Flowers can be somewhat enticing to a small child; and before you know it, the plant is toppled over and soil is all over the floor. To prevent this from happening, keep them up high and out of reach.  Dumb cane, Caladium and Azaleas are just some of the plants that need to be off the floor or out of the house. If ingested, these plants can cause illness.

Before baby is on the way, consider these tips for a baby-proof space.