Beautiful Bookshelves

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Bookcase (Photo credit: mrwalker)

I like to collect. I have a plate collection, antique hens-on-nests, seashells, and bird statues. My son seems to have caught my collecting bug and is amassing a huge amount of Coca-Cola collectables. My younger son is a professional wrestling fan and is also building quite a collection of stuff. My husband collects die-cast model cars – most of which have been banished to the garage.

Needless to say, storage is an issue in my home. In order to display treasured items, I’ve been considering adding more bookcases. Empty walls seem to beg for shelving, and adding shelves to your space not only create a great focal point, they help organize your treasured clutter. I love the look of like-items grouped together on shelves or in cabinets. In my kitchen, I have a corner cabinet filled with hens-on-nests that sets the tone for the entire space.

Store-bought bookshelves can range from sleek and modern to traditional, and are a quick way to spruce up an empty wall in your apartment. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in bookshelves, you can build your own. I once had a wall of bookshelves created entirely from wine crates I collected from a nearby store. They were made of wood and most had the wine label carved into the crate, adding an unusual and surprisingly pretty detail when they were all stacked together.

Make your bookcases out of other “found” items from garage sales and junk stores. An old wooden ladder, for example, makes a fun, funky bookshelf – hang it parallel to the floor, so the rungs are vertical. You can paint the ladder a vibrant color or leave it in its fantastically shabby condition. If you don’t want to put holes in the walls, you can lean the ladder against a wall or open it and stand it upright in a corner and display items that way.

Try using old bottles and scrap timber to make a bookcase, with the bottles as the “pillars” and the timber as the shelves – it’s a twist on the old standby of wood planks and cinder blocks. Plastic crates, available at discount stores, can also be stacked to make bookshelves. Browse Apartment Finder’s Pinterest page for inspiration and find some creative ways to add more storage solutions to your apartment.