Bedroom Closet Organization Tips

Author: Lauren Ross

Bulky knit sweaters and tall fall boots are piled high on top of already overflowing shelves. Old textbooks, handbags, luggage, and a mountain of shoes make their home on the floor. You can barely move about your bedroom closet because of the clutter. How do you handle the chaos? You clean!

Closets tend to get packed full of off-season clothes and accessories, but it can be dangerous and damaging to keep it this way over time. What you need to do is remove the junk, only keeping what you find valuable and in good condition.

Make money off your old things by selling them online or to a consignment retailer. You’ll love the satisfaction of a clean and organized space. Start right now with these simple bedroom closet organization tips.

Throw out the Old: Purging clothes you haven’t worn in ages can be a therapeutic process. As you declutter the space, you’re opening storage space for new items. When deciding what to keep and toss, ask yourself these questions:

1.“Have I worn this garment in the past year?”

2. “Does this accurately represent my current style?”

If you answered “no,” get rid of it ASAP. Some retailers will buy gently used items or donate them to a Goodwill or charity.

Invest in Organizers: Closet organizers are fabulous investments for your apartment home. With limited space and a full wardrobe, organizers breakdown the clutter and create open shelf space. An over-the-door shoe rack will neatly showcase tennis shoes, slippers, sandals, heels, etc. Hanging baskets offer storage for less bulky items, such as T-shirts, shorts, yoga pants and more. Use a shelf organizer to separate handbags and briefcases so you can access them easier. Temporary hooks are great for hanging up jewelry, ties, scarves, and wristlets on open wall space.

Make Use of Life Hacks: Pinterest and Buzzfeed are wonderful sites for DIY projects as wells as creative life hacks to simplify daily routines and housework. Create more room on your shelf rod by using soda tabs as fasteners and link clothes hangers together. Have too many scarves or ties to count? With a sturdy hanger, clip shower curtain rings to the bottom, pulling items through the rings. Add extension rods in awkward spaces for extra shelving.

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