Best Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

Author: Alecia Pirulis


The bedroom is the most personal space in your apartment. Whether you live with roommates or even by yourself in a smaller space, your bedroom can serve as a living room, office and of course, the place where you get a good night’s rest.

Does the color of your bedroom reflect your personality? What mood do you want to set for the most intimate room of your house?

As the color consultant for Sharper Impressions Painting, I am able to offer unique insight into this often overlooked room from a painting perspective. Apartment renters will often change the color of their living room wall before their bedroom based upon the fact that the living room is the first area guests see upon entering.

Whether you want a soothing feel to your bedroom or a more uplifting mood, I can provide recommendations for what best fits your personality.

1. Green

Green is one of the best colors for bedrooms, because it has elements of both warm and cool and there is a wide range of tints from which to choose. There is also a lot of furniture that matches well with green, especially wood. White bedding looks great with many different shades of green paint.

Even the most simple of bedroom spaces can become happier with a few coats of green paint.

2. Red

The color red stimulates, so use this color with caution. The last thing you want is to feel stressed out immediately when you open the door to your room. Look for an off-shade of red, such as maroon, which can be a great color for your bedroom. Since red is a bold color to commit to, be sure to test out a large swatch to make sure you feel comfortable with the color.

My advice as a color consultant is to avoid stop sign red as this could be overwhelming.

3. Blue

Blue is soothing and is a cool and natural color. Most people like what they see when they look up at the sky and see the beautiful clouds. Whether you prefer Royal Blue, like the New York Giants, or light blue, similar to the color of the Oklahoma City Thunder, these are great colors that will convey a peaceful tone. Additionally, a lot of furniture pieces match with blue, which makes decorating easier.

Aqua tones can also be very soothing and can add a spa-like feel right inside of your bedroom.

4. Yellow

Softer shades of yellow will feel more relaxing than a drastic and bright yellow. If you are seeking an uplifting and bright mood for your room, this color will certainly work for you. A toned-down gold can serve as a perfect bedroom color because it transitions very nicely from day to evening.

If you work in a dark environment, I would definitely recommend the color yellow. If you are outside all day and your bedroom is more of a place where you want to decompress, this might not be the best color option for you.

5. Black

While this color might seem dark and depressing to some, if you decorate the bedroom with white furniture, you can create the perfect contrast between light and dark. Black is also a great bedroom color option because it can be both masculine and feminine.

A black colored wall in the bedroom isn’t the most popular option, but you can definitely pull it off.

6. White

Comparable to a black painted wall, if your room is painted white, black furniture would make for the perfect contrast. Wood furniture also goes very well with white. With this color scheme, you have a lot of options for matching and your bedroom will feel very pure.

Before deciding on a color to transform your bedroom, make sure you check with your apartment community that you have the option to paint the walls. Don’t forget that there is the possibility you will have to paint this back when your lease expires.

If you plan on living in your apartment for a long time and your bedroom is a place where you spend a lot of time, changing the color can change the mood of your home for the better.

Tia Kellner, a Color Consultant for Sharper Impressions Painting, wrote this article. Sharper Impressions Painting has over 23 years of interior and exterior painting experience.