Best Pizza Joints Near Central New Jersey’s Best Neighborhoods

Author: Alecia Pirulis

New Jersey's Best Pizza

Hunting for a new apartment could get tiresome, especially if you’ve been busy scouring Central New Jersey’s best neighborhoods. What better way to take a break than grabbing a bite to eat? Nothing beats a slice of delicious hot pizza, but let’s be honest; Jersey isn’t New York, and amazing pizza can’t be found on every corner. Since you’re likely familiarizing yourself with the area, we dug deep and found the best pizza joints for your convenience:

La Casa Bianca
144 Main Street
Readington Township, NJ 08889

This one’s a favorite for the locals, because La Casa Bianca knows what they’re doing when it comes to preparing delicious Italian cuisine. That’s a universal indication the pizza will also exceed expectations, and the brick oven slices definitely don’t disappoint. The crust is a bit charred on the outside, but gratifyingly chewy on the inside.

Brooklyn Brick Oven
161 Hackensack Ave
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Brooklyn Brick Oven’s approach to pizza is not what you would expect. The mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and olive oil they use is a refreshing change to heavy, over-worked slices of pie elsewhere. Just a head’s up — they only take cash, so make sure to stop by an ATM before you get there.

Vinnie’s Pizza & Subs
429 Ryders Ln
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Specialty slices are what keeps customers from Central New Jersey’s best neighborhoods coming back to Vinnie’s Pizza & Subs. If you’ve had a late night, their pizza will definitely hit the spot. There’s a perfect balance between their sauce, toppings and dough, and there’s a surprising hint of pepper that makes their pies memorable.

Brother’s Pizza
1020 Route 18 North
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

There’s a large selection of pizzas, the ingredients are always fresh, and they’ve perfected the crunch to their crust. Brother’s Pizza keeps it simple, and they’ll treat you like family. The joint is always crowded, so plan ahead if you keep a tight schedule.

Luigi’s Famous Pizza
86 Oceanport Ave
Little Silver, NJ 07739

Luigi’s is famous for their delightfully thin and crispy extra-large square pizzas, and some say the shape makes it even better than their regular round pies. Check them out for lunch, because they have some great specials, but no matter what time of day you go, their prices are reasonable all-around.