Best Storage Solutions for Small Apartment Living

Author: Alecia Pirulis

4D Concepts Hanging Corner Apartment Storage

Apartment living usually means that you have to reduce your belongings to the necessities and pack away the rest. You don’t have to leave your favorite things boxed-up in storage, you just have to utilize your apartment’s space. Living in a smaller space means you have the opportunity to get creative with storage and organization. These tips can help you get your entire apartment space best organized and provide storage solutions for every room!

Place furniture in unexpected places

Just don’t get furniture that holds your belongings, place it where it will provide extra storage. Get pieces that maximize unused spaces such as in the bathroom, the closet, or add book shelves as headboards and foot boards to your bed. In the bathroom, a small floor cabinet can provide storage for all your bathroom accessories such as all the extra towels. The closet can sometimes provide the most in wasted space. Adding anything from plastic drawers to small shelves will amp up the storage space. Bookshelves, in any part of the home, can provide storage and creative decorating opportunities.

Make use of your vertical space and awkward areas

The best way to maximize space for apartment living is to utilize your wall space. Tall furniture pieces such as ceiling height bookshelves and tall dressers help keep all your things stored and organized. For kitchens hanging baskets can provide perfect storage for the items you need on hand. Every corner can become a storage area, corner units like the 4D concept hanging storage unit are a nice visual addition in a living room. If you have space behind couches, a stack of nice storage baskets with lids will add more space to stash things like blankets or toys for kids.

Above all, remain organized

The best storage solution for apartment living is to be as organized as possible. Store items that are rarely used in higher storage areas, such as the top shelves of closets. Keep similar items grouped together so you are not looking in multiple places. For items that you need at-hand (e.g. keys and wallets), use a basket on the counter to keep them contained. Don’t forget the spaces under beds! Using roll-away storage units will make storage easy and keep it organized.

What solutions have you come up with to maximize your apartment space? Do you have any specific products that you’d recommend to other apartment dwellers? Share you ideas with us in the comments!