‘Big Game’ Party Decorations & Favors

Author: Lauren Ross


The Decor


Football Field Table Runner

A table runner is an excellent way to dress up a dining room or kitchen. Simply put a football field table runner on your serving table or countertop to instantly create a “Big Game” themed party. Place your collection of delicious hors d’oeuvres and game day meals on top of the table runner for a fun and decorative party buffet.

Football Silverware Caddies

This DIY project is fun and can really make your buffet table pop! All you need is acrylic brown and white paint, two paintbrushes and two cleaned out, non-perishable aluminum cans. Peel the labels off and remove the glue. Next, using a paintbrush, paint the cans with brown acrylic paint. Let dry and begin painting on the white laces using the other brush, with the white acrylic paint.

Balloon Numbers & Letters

Since it is “Big Game” 51, let it be known at your party with balloon numbers in your team’s colors! You could opt for balloon letters to spell out the team’s name you’re rooting for. Other football-related phrases you could include are Go Team!; First Down!; Touchdown!; etc. Whatever you choose, it will look great inside your apartment home.

The Party Favors


Penalty Flags

These cool party favors allow you to call your own penalties. They’re super easy to make and fun to throw around when you’ve witnessed a bad call, holding, face mask and more. Click here for a DIY tutorial.

Tailgate Necklaces

Send your guests home after the game with some cool beads. You can find them at any party supply or hobby store in your team’s colors. Look online for those special medallions with logos and slogans. They may cost a bit more, but it’s totally worth it and will make the night that much more special.

Souvenir Cups

Instead of using a bunch of plastic or paper cups, purchase souvenir cups for the game day party. Your guests can use these to pour or mix drinks in, and then they can take them home as a keepsake. You can find numerous designs online for pretty cheap.