But You’ll Need the App

Author: Alecia Pirulis

I’m excited today because I just discovered that Amazon.com now offers a drawing game app that my kids (who both have Apple devices) have been waiting (impatiently) for me to get on my device so we can play games together. This is funny to me because we have an unopened board game that involves drawing and guessing, but they’ve never even glanced at the box.

It seems as though we rely on our phones and tablets more and more these days. My kids can’t understand why we’d use pencils and paper and navigate game pieces around a board when we have electronic devices that do the same thing. But then again, their devices aren’t just for music anymore – they are nightlights, alarm clocks, games, a social hub, calculators, research devices, and amusement centers.

I’ll admit — I’m a little slow to catch up to my hyper-connected kids. I actually printed out a recipe the other night. I didn’t realize this was a ridiculous thing to do until my son pointed out that I could have downloaded a recipe app and propped my tablet on the kitchen counter. I could then save the recipe in my handy-dandy recipe file – no need to punch holes in a printout and store it in my “favorite recipes” three-ring binder. I don’t even have to worry about creating a shopping list anymore – an app will do that, too.

If you plan on redecorating your apartment, there are all types of apps that will simplify things for you. Scan bar codes to compare prices, size your rooms to make sure your new couch will fit, rearrange furniture before you do any heavy lifting, and even try out paint colors. You phone can act as a tape measure, a level, and as inspiration. Houzz.com has an app that will let you clip pictures of rooms you love and save them for inspiration (sort of like the antiquated process of cutting pictures from magazines).

For day-to-day apartment living, you can turn your phone into a remote control for the television, get information on houseplants, map out the best route to garage sales in your area, get a virtual fitness trainer and a diet plan, and find the ideal new apartment in a charming neighborhood.

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