Checklist of Neighborhood Places to Find Soon After Moving

Author: Lauren Ross

checklist of neigborhood places

Once you start to feel settled into your new space, take some time to explore the area around you! Be on the lookout for the essentials, such as a grocery store, library, bank, and gas station – but also look for stuff that you have an interest in! Below are some places you should go out and find after moving in, so you can begin to enjoy your new city a lot sooner.

__A neighborhood chill spot

Be sure to find a spot in town where you can let your hair down and have some fun! This might be a local pub or tavern for some, while others might prefer a French-style cafe that serves lattes and colorful macaroons. A safe haven doesn’t have to be a restaurant either; many find comfort in bookstores, galleries, and novelty shops.

__The quick fix-it place

Car issues and sudden damages to the home are never fun, but it’s convenient to have a shop nearby that sells the products you need to remedy the problem. Whether it’s replacing a broken brake light or re-caulking the bathroom, be sure you find a quick fix-it place in case of an emergency repair.

__A coffee place

In Friends they had Central Perk, and in Lizzie McGuire there was the Digital Bean. Many people love meeting up with friends and colleagues for coffee, so it makes the list in places to scout after moving.

I’m guessing you won’t have a problem finding multiple coffee shops in the area where you live. Try each one first and then take note of the ambience and coffee before picking one to become a regular at.

__The spot in nature with a grand view

Ask neighbors or locals in the area where it is they go to get away and enjoy the beauty of nature. They could tell you about a nearby garden, park, or river – just go somewhere you can relax and reflect. Who knows? Your personal oasis and quiet place could be right in your backyard.

__A place for Fido to play

Dogs need playtime to keep them from being bored and chewing up your favorite shoes. With that being said, make sure you scour the city to find a dog park where Fido can run safely off-leash. Dog parks can help dogs get the daily exercise they need due to the wide, open space and agility courses placed throughout. You might be one of the lucky ones that live in an apartment community with a dog park. But, if you don’t, check for nearby dog parks, here.

__A place for late-night cravings

The next time you’re out an in need of some food, you’ll be thankful you researched late-night restaurants in your area. My favorites near me are Waffle House and Cookout – what are yours?

Settling into a new place may seem a bit overwhelming, especially when adjusting to all the “new” that is currently happening. By pinpointing these places after you have established yourself into a new apartment, you’ll feel at home in no time. Still on the hunt for the right place to call home? Browse one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments on!