Coolest Cat Accessories for Your Apartment

Author: Alecia Pirulis


Most pet friendly apartments require cats to be kept indoors, and that’s a good thing. There is more than enough evidence that indoor cats live much longer than if they were allowed outdoors. It’s important to enrich your apartment space to maximize you and your kitty’s well-being. There’s a plethora of cat-related products on the market, but here are five of the coolest cat accessories that might blow your mind:

Cat Wall Perches and Stairs


Cats are naturally wired to climb, and pet friendly apartments aren’t equipped to accommodate one of their most beloved activities. You could purchase a tall and elaborate cat tree, but they’re often large, bulky and don’t typically fit any type of cohesive home decor. Instead, DIY or purchase some wall shelves or stairs, so your cat will have elevated views of your home. And remember, the higher, the better!

Supercat Catnip Caves


It’s no secret cats love paper bags, and Catnip Caves provide hours of endless play time for your feline friend. They’re made with Nano Burst Technology, which are catnip scented bubbles that spurt when the bag is crumpled, rubbed or scratched by your cat.

Poogo Stick


Cleaning out the litterbox is the most bothersome and disgusting task for an indoor cat owner. But it has to be done, so pet friendly apartments don’t have lingering odors of cat urine and feces! With ordinary scoopers, you’re forced to lower yourself and hold your breath to avoid a whiff of a dirty litterbox. The Poogo Stick eliminates the need to bend down, and it really is the best solution for making this dreaded chore easy.

Popware for Pets KlipScoop


Another clever cat accessory is the Collapsible KlipScoop. A common problem for pet owners is that they’re overfeeding, and their pets become obese. Indoor cats don’t exercise as much without access outside, especially in pet friendly apartments, so they tend to overeat when they’re bored. The KlipScoop pre-measures cat food and collapses into a bag clip, so your bag of cat food stays fresh and sealed.

Drinkwell Hydrate Water Filtration System


In order to stay hydrated and healthy, your cat needs clean and clear drinking water. Cats will be more encouraged to drink moving water, and that’s exactly what the Drinkwell filters are designed to do. The filter system fits in most food bowls, and the water circulates quietly, similar to how water sounds in nature.