Craft Room Decorating Ideas for Your Rental

Author: Lauren Ross


Creative people need a workplace that’s neat, organized, and imaginative. If you enjoy crafting, sewing, or art, then you will definitely benefit from having a craft room in your apartment. Your craft room should be inviting, inspirational, and resourceful. Give yourself the creative corner you deserve by following these craft room decorating ideas and tips:

 Whimsical Memo Board

A memo board adds style and functionality to any room. Adding a memo board over your desk creates a lovely landscape for your designs and fabric swatches. Having your work displayed on a memo board will keep you motivated and in good spirits. You can purchase a memo board from local retailers or make one by hand.

Pegboards Tidy the Tools and Spools

Never misplace the scissors or tape runner again! A simple pegboard will make tidying craft supplies and tools a breeze. With a pegboard next to your work station, you can keep your spools of thread, ribbon, tools, and other supplies nicely organized and within arm’s reach.

A Sensational Rug

A beautifully patterned rug is guaranteed to give your space an instant upgrade. A large area rug that compliments your other furnishings will seamlessly bring the décor together and provide a peaceful work environment.

A Floor Lamp

Crafting and sewing requires a bright, well-lit space. A floor lamp is great for crafters because it doesn’t sit on valuable working space, and you can adjust the brightness overhead with ease so you can work more efficiently.

Large Woven Basket for Storage

A woven basket is a great way to add style and storage in your craft room. The soft, natural color of the basket will look attractive with any décor and create a focal point in the room. Woven baskets are great for storing colorful spools of yarn, wrapping paper, or measuring sticks.

Modern Wall Shelving

Upgrade your walls with modern shelving units. Having shelves in your craft room is perfect for organizing scrapbooks and arranging storage containers.

Functional Desk with Storage

A spacious – not bulky – desk is the perfect way to stay on top of your crafting game. Desks with drawers can store construction paper, stamps, ink pads, and more.

Comfy and Supportive Chair

It’s important in any workspace to have a well-supported chair. Find a chair with plenty of support so you can work comfortably for hours.