How to Create a Bachelor Pad For Under $100

Author: Alecia Pirulis


How To Create A Bachelor Pad On The Cheap

If the only items in your bachelor pad are a couch, a coffee table, a television and a microwave, it’s time you step your game up. You’re probably content with just these essentials, and your buddies probably are, too. But let’s be honest — you probably don’t have any females begging to hang out with you at your apartment. If this sounds familiar, take a look at how to create a bachelor pad under $100 with simple additions, so you’ll be less embarrassed when you invite ladies over to your crib.

1. Movie poster frames — $24.99 + shipping: Bare walls are common in bachelor pads, with the exception of the occasional movie or band poster. At the very least, invest in a movie poster frame or two. They’re a simple fix, and you get to hold onto those posters you’ve had since college.

2. Subtle floor lamps — $24.00 + shipping: The glare from your TV or video game doesn’t count as additional lighting, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself! Ikea floor lamps aren’t just affordable, but they add a decorative touch in addition to brightening up a room as well.

3. 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set — $19.99+ shipping: No one enjoys washing dishes, so using paper plates on a regular basis is tempting. However, you won’t gain any points from a date if you decide to cook a homemade meal. Target has a diverse selection of dinner plate sets, but you can’t go wrong with the simplicity of white.

4. Egyptian Cotton Towel Set — $19.94 + shipping: Leave beach towels for the beach and hotel towels at the hotel. You deserve thick and luxurious towels, and so do your guests. Wayfair’s Egyptian towels are affordable, and they’re soft, big and plush!

5. Home Fragrance Oils  —  $5.00 + shipping: Whether it’s due to dirty clothes, dirty dishes or dirty bed sheets, bachelor pads are notorious for not smelling fresh. If keeping your pad tidy and neat is an issue, a couple bottles of fragrance oils at five bucks a pop will help make your apartment smelling nice. Bath and Body Works is known for their long lasting home fragrance oils, and the scent is subtle, so they make a great alternatives to incense or scented candles.