Creating the Perfect Man Cave

Author: Alecia Pirulis

pool table

It is scientifically proven that men, unlike women, need to withdraw in order to reduce stress – the University of Southern California even did a study on it. Because of this need, men have always found quiet spaces to retreat – a study, an office, a library, and now – man caves. (If you are having trouble convincing your spouse that you do, indeed, need a man cave, prepare your case with these facts from the study.)

In short, for a man to be his “super” self, he needs to build his very own Fortress of Solitude.

First, decide on the location. Your “cave” can be a spare bedroom, the basement, the garage, the attic, a detached shed in the backyard – wherever you can find a little unused space.

Next, decide on colors and materials. You may want to pull colors and textures out of your “star” object, such as a pool table or bar. However you decide on your paint colors, man caves don’t have to be dark and, well, cave-like. Think about adding elements such as exposed brick, stone, and wood beams. There are no “rules” – just choose the colors, elements, and fabrics you like (this room is all yours, after all, and your opinion is the only one that matters here).

Every man cave needs a big, bold television. Choose where your TV will go, and if it will be mounted. If so, do you want a swivel so the television can be turned? Don’t mount the television too high – mark where you think you want it to go, then sit down and get comfy – just as you would to watch that marathon of Dr. Who. A good way to judge is to keep the television eye-level when standing, so when you sit down it is at the ideal viewing angle. You can also set the TV into the wall, if you want.

For furniture, choose comfortable recliners, a sectional sofa, or even a futon and position them in front of the television. You may also want bar stools (if you’ve installed a bar), and perhaps some folding chairs that can be brought out on Game Day when all of your friends – and a few unexpected ones – show up to watch the game on your giant television.

Other items you may want to include in your man cave include: a small fridge for drinks and snacks, a kegerator or a wine rack, a video game system, decks of cards and board games, billiards and foosball, fitness equipment, and a sound system.

Don’t forget lighting, and be sure to decorate with items you love – whether that’s sports pennants or singing fish. Be creative – use bent wrenches mounted to the wall for coat hooks, make bookshelves or magazine racks out of wooden pallets, and go ahead and make that giant cable reel your coffee table. Don’t be afraid of themes — if NASCAR is your thing, decorate your cave with racing memorabilia. Same goes for trains, fishing, sailing – whatever.

There – now you have the perfect space to relax and unwind. Your very own testosterone zone. Just don’t get lost in there – sure, the occasional X-Box marathon is great, but be sure to emerge and spend time with your family or they may just come looking for you.